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Subj: Re: Some questions re: the Gatherers
Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 at 10:12:28 am EDT (Viewed 268 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Some questions re: the Gatherers
Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 at 11:53:04 pm EDT (Viewed 323 times)


      It was pretty much said that the Swordsman we knew was his counterpart.

    Yet one has an entirely different name than the other!?

      Makes complete sense to me. At the time, I think she was the most well known Cassandra, especially with telepathy.

    Yes but she was about a foot or more shorter than Cassandra Webb!?

Alternate universes. Anything is possible. Counterparts need not have the same names, powers, or appearances.

And look at the rest of Cassandra's appearance: old, long hair, obscured eyes.


      The Super-Adapatoid?

    Makes some sense but didn't seem to have the S-A's power at its disposal when first introduced!? I'd prefer it to Primus since he was initially organic, but I recall that later got changed when he was being used by the Mad Thinker!?

Yeah, the more I think, the more I agree with your Primus idea.


      I'm in the Mantis club, frankly.

    Truly? Why the odd codename then? A Mantis that wasn't trained by the Priests of Pama? If so, how did she end up recruited?

Many of the Gatherer codenames were odd, and some were meaningless.
Never been a fan of the Mantis name, personally.

    I'm sort of doubtful given Harras introduced Mantis again in his later run for The Crossing!

Not at all relevant, one way or the other, imo.

Also, thinking some more...

The name Tarkas brings to mind Tars Tarkas, of John Carter fame. Maybe his universe was a lot like Barsoom.

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