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Subj: Re: Some questions re: the Gatherers
Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 at 06:04:01 pm CDT (Viewed 252 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Some questions re: the Gatherers
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    Mostly the fact that Swordsman was brought back at all.

The fact that Harras chose that name suggests he was aiming for French (can you say Inspector from Les Mis;), but he got the spelling wrong:(

    And add in the Mantis/Moondragon thing, Magdalene, and the fact that, like Epting said to you, Proctor was supposed to be something else entirely.

So your thoughts on Magdalene given she had a counterpart in our reality called Marissa Darrow?

    Also, I always had the feeling that Harras was trying to tell a story that had roots in Avengers history, after 40 or so issues where it was sort of a bunch of costumed people doing random stuff. There was a scene in the 340's I think where he has Black Widow and Cap talk a bit about how the Avengers feel like an actual team again. And the issue (380?) during the Stern/Buscema run where Jarvis reminisces while recovering after the mansion siege was guest written by Harras, so Avengers history seemed pretty important to him. Jarvis says in that issue that cleaning out Swordsman's room after he dies was the saddest part of his Avengers duty.

Ah Avengers #280 where he attempted to turn Jarvis into Nick Fury;)

    It was when they first capture Javert. Something gives Dane and Natasha the idea to show him a hologram of Moondragon and he calls her Mantis and they cut away. They busted out the big font for him shouting her name so it seemed important but they never mentioned it again.

Perhaps in this Swordsman's reality, the Elder Cotati chose him over Duquesne? I like the idea of him and Moondragon:) Thanks for that.

    Wow, that's really interesting. Did Claremont ever talk about what his original plans for that run were?

It was a couple of years ago and I think he saw the writing on the wall about Harras so intended the Shadow King Saga as his swansong. And intended to return Thunderbird for it. Know nothing more than that (except that he intended to have a story about Wolverine's mother directly after in #301-304:(

    And those sweet silver space boots! Even Dane got in on that trend. Chrome boots, blue chain-mail, authentic Avengers branded leather jacket and permanent 5 o'clock shadow. Who was styling harder in the 90s, Dane or the Kevin Sorbo-fied Hercules? If Proctor had that look Sersi never would have bailed on him in the first place.

Ah the early 90s with Nomad, Blaze, etc.:(

    He said Bloodwraith was created by whoever wrote that story and they didn't even ask for his input. The gimmick that year was every annual introduced a new character so they didn't seem too concerned about the annuals flowing organically from the main books or anything. I think I asked him something about the Ebony Blade and that's how it came up.

Strange given he was on the path to EiC!?

    The con I met Harras at was sometime around the time #375 came out, so right around the end of the Gatherers arc.

I bet you wish you'd had these questions ready to ask back then!?

    The Avengers cartoon was just a rumor at the time I think, but ended up being either that Iron Man cartoon on Fox Kids or that weird AWC cartoon that had the extra fluffy Tigra and Christmas color Wonder Man in it.

Not the Force Works cartoon? We never got either here in Australia:(

    I see that connection too, but think it's more that some of the earlier plans for the Gatherers arc were recycled for the Crossing. That might have even been the reason the story was changed so abruptly, they decided to push back the bigger elements to tie in more books.

We need to interview Bob and Terry Kavanagh for the full story.

    I feel that way too. I get that Busiek had to clean that up, but I wish some more of the story had been left intact. Not sure what I would have come up with if I was in his shoes, though.

Perhaps we start a thread to try and nut it out!

    One cool Gatherers-era related thing in Avengers Forever, it implies that the dystopian future they're trying to prevent (with Rick Jones XIVish as emperor and guerilla GotG) is created when the Black Knight starts getting the Avengers more involved interfering in Kree/Shia'ar/etc business after Deathcry joins the team.

I'd have thought BK leading the Avengers to kill the Supreme Intelligence to be the start!?

    My theory is that the Marvel universe is actually one third Space Phantom, one third Skrull and one third Wolverine, and the only characters who actually exist are the Tetrachs of Entropy.

No, Space Phantom is Susan Richards' miscarried child as I've theorised on my blog;)

Read more of my theorising here:) http://fanfix.wordpress.com
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