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Subj: Re: Hyperion in Squadron Sinister #3...
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Squadron Sinister 003

Sure, the plot pitch is a little predictable and unoriginal overall. And yet, there is satisfying difference in the details and dynamics in the dialogue. And that artwork is awesome. The cover is great with classic sidepanel roll call to boot. The map page is a sweeet bonus detail. [Utopolis Map is included in preview link.] Another issue with props to past Marvel franchise - here we get New Universe characters including an insanely powerful "Starbrand". [Hmmm, remind me, if NU cast in Nutopolis Domain isn't controlled by the SS then do they not answer to the same Baron of the Utopolis Zone? And Doom's good with that?] Warrior Woman got some nice fleshing out - in more ways than one. Plus, readers see a memorable 'moment' as "Hyperion" pulls a 'Dark Avenger' stunt with Spitfire using methods mirroring the brutal finality that Sentry dealt with Carnage. This Secret Wars crossover chapter is easily recommendable... well, y'know, if it wasn't for the 'Secret Wars' part.

Any guesses how things will end up?

battleworld map 6= Valley Of Doom 14= Doomgard 19= Doomstadt
I miss Dad and Dan.

It is very silly that Hyperion is handling and killing Starbrands so easy, considering that the Starbrand grants its wielder any power they want and makes them immortal.

And a 100 Starbrands, even newbies should be more than enough to utterly crush Hyperion and his team.