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    Out of curiosity, will Hank and Jan be added to an Avengers team after Secret Wars? I wouldn't mind one or both of them being added to the main team. Here's how I'd picture the teams (if Hank and Jan return):

    Avengers: Iron Man, Captain America (Falcon), Vision, Nova (Alexander), Thor (Foster), Spider-Man (Morales), Ms. Marvel (Khan), Hank Pym, and Wasp

    Uncanny Avengers: Steve Rogers, Spider-Man (Parker), Brother Voodoo, Human Torch, Quicksilver, Rogue, Synapse (I think that's her name), Deadpool, and Scarlet Witch

    New Avengers: Songbird, Hawkeye, Sunspot, Squirrel Girl, Wiccan, Hulkling, Power Man, White Tiger, and Ant-Man (Lang)

    I still think it's injustice to leave out Hank, Jan, and Ant-Man from the Avengers.

I don't mind one or the other but I don't really want to see Hank and Jan on the same team.

To me it just makes Jan look weak. I know he only hit her once but I cringe any time Jan is nice to him or is romantic with him. (and yes I agree that the smack was character assassination...but he was still a needy little weirdo before that).

To me Hank is kind of a co-dependent leech always bringing Jan down with his constant neediness and psychological issues. I think part of the reason he got with Jan was because she resembled his first wife Maria. Nutcase.

Hank isn't an interesting character unless he has Jan around...yet she's better off without him. Seriously there is nothing to Hank except building Ultron and smacking Jan (maybe feuding with Egghead...but that's it). He has no real family, no friends outside work (or predating the Avengers that we know of), no interests outside science, we know next to nothing about his life before he was Ant Man, no deep friendships amongst his fellow Avengers. Hank is hollow.

Jan is better off without Hank...and not just because of the smack. He's just this blonde sack of misery that brings everyone down with his relationship issues, his mental health issues and Ultron.

Reverend Meteor (do we even know what city Pym was born in?)

But Reverend, a character is only as good as the writing. And to be fair to Hank Pym, the writing for superheroes before the late 1970s was quite generic. There was really no difference between Hank Pym and Aquaman, Flash, Batman, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Daredevil, Cap, etc. It was only in the '70s that the industry started to give the characters very distinct personalities. And Pym did get the short end of the stick. He was a secondary Avenger, and didn't get the face time of the big 3, or even Hawkeye, Vision and the Beast. I actually thought his nervous breakdown was the beginning of some character development for him. He was interesting right through the whole Egghead story. And then the wrote him off the team. Until West Coast Avengers, when he got far more boring than he ever was before(all due to bad writing). Busiek managed to rekindle some interest in him when he wrote that Pym had used his own mind when giving Ultron artificial intelligence. But that was never fully developed after Busiek left.

Pym was never in my top ten favorite Avengers(Jan is though). But I never thought he was a bad character. Just a neglected one.