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    Doctor Spectrum (Squadron Supreme)
    I read that it's the Dr. Spectrum from the Great Society (Earth-4290001), she actually survived the brawl with the Illuminati and the destruction of her Earth by being on 616, She was only one of theirs that survived. Any way they already stated that she will join the NEW Squadron Supreme. She was also in one of the All New Marvel ads at the beginning of the summer too.

    Thundra was not a part of Squadron Supreme, will she join up with them? Doubtful imo since she really has no history with them. She did hook with Arkon and has a history with the FF and some Avengers.

The Squadron Sinister Hyperion once had a crush on Thundra who he met in Marvel Two-In-One. He was obsessed with her until he fell for Power Princess, killed her elderly husband and slept with her while she thought she was banging the real Mark.

If Thundra had put out the whole Squadron Supreme timeline would have been more hospitable.