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Subj: Re: Avengers Who Are... Damaged Goods.
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    Rich has never been called Dick Rider. Nor should he be unless he becomes a gay porn star.

Sad to say, I think this is the exact reason why Richard Rider has been replaced as a character. Certain writers lack maturity, in my opinion.

    I was admonished on the board several months back for implying Starfox is a bit rapey.

    To be fair they did always try to explain he wasn't in fact a rapist...the power still kind of bothers me. It's like Marcus Immortus all over again. Marcus said he only subtly influenced Carol with his machines and that she already had feelings. Ok so Starfox only uses the power on people he has a shot with...but what if his powers made a woman who just thought he was cute sleep with him when she wouldn't have otherwise? If he has the power to influence women romantically then what is the point of having the power if he only uses it on the women he doesn't need to use it on?

It reminds me of the time Magma was dating Empath. The writers went out of the way to enforce that their relationship was consensual. But with his powers, how could you tell? In my eyes, she was being victimized and none of the X-Men were doing anything about it.

    He smacked Jan. Can't feel sorry for him.

To each their own, then. In my eyes, he made a mistake in the middle of a mental breakdown, he paid for it, she forgave him, and it's over - if only the writers could let it lie.

    I think they revealed Juggernaut slept with an alternate reality She-Hulk. Best to just go with that explanation. But hey Jan banged Mangeto and (as recently revealed) Deadpool.

Forgot about Slott's very welcome retcon. As for Magneto - I'm not sure the original Secret Wars implied full on sex so much as attraction. Do we have an on-panel admission that they had sex? No comment on Deadpool.

    Didn't he just rape a Wanda robot that thought it had amnesia?

It's no better. He didn't know she was a Doombot. "Mens rea", as the lawyers say.

    I don't see Namor as a villain. I don't like Namor as a villain. I've always seen Quicksilver and Namor as contrarians and jerks but not truly evil.


    I liked his series in the late 60's and 70's. He's really NOT a villain. He has his own code of honor that is separate from the regular good evil paradigm...he's a king. But even as a king he was more than fair (how many times did he gives Byrrah and Attuma a second chance?) Hickman really ruined him IMO but I think Namor had been devolved into this cynical hateful snarker much earlier. Namor used to value life even if he didn't always agree with the surface dwellers. Recent writers have removed Namor's honor and made him a twisted hateful man who revels in inflicting misery on his enemies and indifferent to the people caught in his wake. That's not the Namor I know.

Strikes against Namor in my mind:
1. Callously beheading his ex-wife Marina. I know the board generally disagrees with me on this. But suppose Sue was morphed into a monster. Could you see Reed beheading the monster and throwing its/Sue's head at Dr. Doom with a smirk on his face? And could you imagine the board defending it for him, and saying it was an act or mercy or self-defense? It was an extremely villainous act. Take what Pym did to Jan and multiply it by 100,000.
2. Extermination the Great Society's planet. The other Illuminati members, despite their intentions, couldn't commit genocide of billions, even to save trillions. Namor could, and he did, commit that genocide.
3. Countless more genocides committed alongside the Cabal. Sure he was a conflicted participant, but he did it just the same. And he played cruel little games with some of the doomed populations of these planets (kissing Sue before she is killed, for example).

No, there's no coming back for Namor. I enjoyed him as a Defender, and I enjoyed him in Stern's Avengers. But the past 20 years have not been kind to the guy. He is now Marvel's version of Black Adam - an antihero at best.

"It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices." – Albus Dumbledore
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