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Subj: Re: Avengers Who Are... Damaged Goods.
Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 at 02:15:28 pm EDT (Viewed 7 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Avengers Who Are... Damaged Goods.
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1. Callously beheading his ex-wife Marina. I know the board generally disagrees with me on this. But suppose Sue was morphed into a monster. Could you see Reed beheading the monster and throwing its/Sue's head at Dr. Doom with a smirk on his face? And could you imagine the board defending it for him, and saying it was an act or mercy or self-defense? It was an extremely villainous act. Take what Pym did to Jan and multiply it by 100,000.

Was this when the Master turned her into a monster? She was a threat to life on earth wasn't she?

(you know I don't recall them ever talking after her resurrection)

2. Extermination the Great Society's planet. The other Illuminati members, despite their intentions, couldn't commit genocide of billions, even to save trillions. Namor could, and he did, commit that genocide.

To me we can only blame Namor for the things he has the ability to know. He didn't know a few months later the entire multiverse would be destroyed and remade into Battleworld...he thought they still had time. What he did know (or what he believed) was that killing one earth saves two universes filled with sentient beings and buys them the time to solve the problem. For good or ill he has always championed his people and sought to protect the earth...so of course he's going to pick his own earth. Doing nothing would have destroyed both worlds. Destroying his own world would invalidate everything he ever fought for. Namor made the only decision he could make. Maybe he could have been nicer about it but it's hard to put a positive spin of genocide. But what he really did was save earth in the hopes someone would come up with a solution to the multiverse collapse. In his mind he was trying to save the most people. Who is really more honorable...the guy who kills a few to save everyone else or the guy who lets everyone die so he doesn't have to be a killer?

Namor made the tough call. It kind of reminded me of Sisko's questionable choice in Deep Space 9. He chose to lie to the Romulans and fabricator fake evidence to trick them into joining the Federation's side in the Dominion War. It got countless innocent Romulans killed...but he did it to save the Alpha Quadrant as a whole from being wiped out by the Dominion.

I don't like how Hickman writes Namor...but I don't really disagree with his choice either. It's not the first time he's destroyed a planet to save his own.

3. Countless more genocides committed alongside the Cabal. Sure he was a conflicted participant, but he did it just the same. And he played cruel little games with some of the doomed populations of these planets (kissing Sue before she is killed, for example).

I don't have this issue where he kissed Sue apparently.

To me that's not Namor.

    No, there's no coming back for Namor. I enjoyed him as a Defender, and I enjoyed him in Stern's Avengers. But the past 20 years have not been kind to the guy. He is now Marvel's version of Black Adam - an antihero at best.

That's the exact reason not to make him an antihero. They look exactly alike.