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Subj: Re: Squadron Supreme #1 & questions...
Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 at 10:43:57 am EST (Viewed 326 times)
Reply Subj: Squadron Supreme 1
Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2015 at 07:36:02 pm EST (Viewed 350 times)

Squadron Supreme #1

Both sides of the debate, IF Namor should die, have some degree of merit and the avalanche of argument over the net has been interesting read. My displeasure with the issue was the story execution HOW it was done (pun intended). All of which, no doubt, will help sales. It certainly has me hooked for next issue to see the fallout from this terrorists' assassination.

Also disappointing was the realization that this is a Anti-eXilesbad guys book. Even ifffff Thundra is here to redeem them - realistically that won't happen and can't happen soon enough. On the plus side, it was a much more energetic and galvanizing premiere than the Illuminati's bad guys book. Also

Does Nighthawk have 'power punch' setting on his guantlet?

When Nighthawk says "NEWLY ADOPTED HOME" he must be presuming Earthlings are welcoming them, eh?

Will they have "NAMOR WAS RIGHT" t-shirts out in time for Xmas?

Of course, Tyrak and Attuma, wouldn't be among the slaughtered. Sigh. Are we also to assume the fight starts out on the shore by San Francisco and 'Atlantis' is lying on the ocean floor by Utopia Island?

That was CERTAINLY an impressive 'debut' feat by Hyperion (ala Superman moving mountains or Gladiator teletactilely hefting the Baxter Building). The CBMB is already abuzz http://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?msg=comicbattles-2015121615482912. As Helen Lovejoy insist, "Won't somebody think of the children?!" Well to his credit he does give them time to evacuate but doesn't it seem illogical that he could lift it that far and that fast thru the depths that they didn't have time to bail by simply swimming to the side of it?

And speaking of children - Hype is so out of pre-Incursion characterization. How is he supposed to rationalize his new way to his beloved Zebra Kids?

Who read the original Weirdworld series? Is Tyndall http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix4/wwtyndall.htm a fun character that is returning? Will he mostly likely be the comic relief of the grossly grim group?

Never read Weirdworld yet (it's next for me) does this mean Arkon married to Thundra on Polemachus is another thing Reset - and never connected to Battleworld?

So, 8 months ago they united, immediately after Incursion, with a deadly attack on a HYDRA base you say? But don't elaborate? And when are we thinking Avengers #0 http://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?rpy=avengers-2015100815170673&layout=thread is placed in the timeline?

Why doesn't Rogers start his ANAD tenure out smart for a change. Instead of summoning the Unity Squad, as someone online suggested call for better match ups? How 'bout:
Odinson or BlueMarvel for Hype.
Ms.Marvel or Shulkie for Zarda.
Iron Man or Vision for Nighthawk.
Pietro can stay for Blur.
Voodoo can stay for Doctor Spectrum.

Other online opinions included:

    Namor deserves better --
    >Namor was Marvel's first superhero.
    >Namor was Marvel's first supervillain.
    >Namor caused the first ever comic book crossover (creating the Marvel Universe).
    >Namor was the first superhero to fly.
    >Namor has a special sense of style and character.
    >Namor is one of the most influential heroes and villains in Marvel.

    So, if Nighthwak puts the hit out on supreme human threats:
    >Kill Attuma, he's worse than Namor in every way
    >Kill Dr Doom once Tony mentions he's back
    >Kill Red Skull
    >Kill Arnim Zola and destroy his endless clone banks
    >Kill Annihilus
    >Kill the Mole Man
    >Kill Norman Osborn
    >Kill Baron Strucker
    >Kill Apocalypse before he helps Fox keep X-franchise
    >Kill Viper
    >Kill Mr. Sinister
    >Kill Dario Agger, CEO of Roxxon
    >Kill Zemo and wipe his Bagalia off the map

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I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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