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Subj: Re: Ultimates #3: T.M.I.?!
Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 at 04:05:58 pm EST (Viewed 326 times)
Reply Subj: Ultimates #3: T.M.I.?!
Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 at 08:51:58 am EST (Viewed 542 times)

    His Incubator pre-Universe retcon?

That's not a retcon. I mean, technically, sure, but it's been part of his origin for 30 years at this point.

    Timely rebirthing of Archeopia (the reported 1st Big Meal)?

Cool enough.

    Imperial Guard involvement?

    The post-SW return of Izzy Smasher?

Kind of irritating. Nosy birds rassumfrassum.


Yeah. This is an old Smasher thing. It's another term for "x-ray vision."

    Overconsciousness, TPA, Mind-Sight?

    Oracle's see anything/anytime power showing?

Typical psychometry. It's always my opinion that all telepaths should be capable, whether they use it or not.

    Carol is "Ambassador of Earth"??!! Says who? Were Ernst & Young asked?

Well, she is running SWORD these days.

    Rhodey's chances at appearing? Does he have team candidate potential?

Eh. Generally, I find Rhodey to be rather boring, but I wouldn't really object.

    Pros and cons of geosynchronous orbit for the team's DISGUSTINGLY named Alpha Flight station HQ?

This issue says geosynchronous when it should be geostationary. Geosynchronous orbits do NOT remain over the same position; they simply move in synch with the Earth's rotation. A geostationary orbit is what this issue is talking about. And it would require some fancy pseudoscience to hold a geostationary orbit over NYC. It's only possible in the real universe over the equator.

Were I going to have a fancy schmancy space HQ, I'd want to choose my orbit on the fly depending on my needs.

    SURPRISING post-SW return [and mockingly named] as new member: PUCK from the properly named premiere team of Canada to this space station? Does he have team candidate potential? Why the H E double-hockeysticks he is considered "high-density" now?

He's been "high-density" since the the later issues of the first Alpha series. The Master monkeyed with his DNA and gave him superpowers. Better than that Raazer thing. And he's more puck-like. That's puck, as in hockey, not fairy.

I'm always up for Alphans... or even some Betans and Gammans. I'd give anything to see Persuasion/Purple Girl regularly be in an ongoing.

    Gladiator's intergalactic ire? (Was this HIS post-SW return?)


    TIME IS BROKEN? Realization/Retrophysics/Ramifications of it?

What the?! Universe-8 is broken already? Someone read the warranty!

    DOOMLOCK? (A Secret Wars #9 spoiler!)

Don't care at this point.


Sounds like Tabasco and Ragu joined forces.

    The ongoing shying away of Quinjets NOT being a cool proprietory Avengers-Only mainstay?

Well, T'Challa did create the bloody things.

But Abeona... the Roman goddess of a child's first steps/safe passage. Wouldn't peg any of these guys with being so Classical.

    The FINE team dynamics?

Yeah. But there was too much sitting around talking, maybe.

    The post-SW return of Raz Malhotra (the new Giant-Man from the old-new Ant-Man)? No trial by fire for him - apparently he does not have candidate potential even though he's likely stronger than War Machine and smarter than Judd, eh?

Doubtfully stronger than War Machine. Judd's never been too bright.

    Chavez's power upgrade showing?

No upgrade.

    MAC as freindly macho shorthand of Ms.AmerCa?!

No. Her title and name is Ms. America Chavez.

    Space-Time Continuum VS Neutral Zone VS thin walls at edges of galaxies VS Superflow VS White Space VS Exo-Space VS universe(s) of Negative Matter VS Negative Zone VS Universe-8?!

What is Life-Minus?

    The return of ANTI-MAN?!

Woohoo. Yummy villains.

    The FINE/FINE/FINE artstylings?


City of Heroes is BACK!
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