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Subj: Re: Mac and Cheese...
Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 at 07:11:31 pm EST (Viewed 242 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Ultimates #3: T.M.I.?!
Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 at 04:05:58 pm EST (Viewed 321 times)

    His Incubator pre-Universe retcon?

      That's not a retcon. I mean, technically, sure, but it's been part of his origin for 30 years at this point.

Did Galactus die that way in Universe-7? It seemed like Adam was talking about the end of U-6 and not U-7. What issue was it changed to an Incubator from him flying his ship into The Big Crunch? Was it the Byrne one-shot. And was 616-U7 Big G's last seen death before Incursion clear? Did Hickman write it? Or was that just the alt-reality one? Whatever happened to that one the the Eternals unearthed under Robinson? Does that mean Blue Marvel is cosmic aware/smart to know intracasies of multiple Universes now (either from reading wimpy Big G's mind or by the upcoming revelation in SW#9)?

    Overconsciousness, TPA, Mind-Sight?
    Oracle's see anything/anytime power showing?

      Typical psychometry. It's always my opinion that all telepaths should be capable, whether they use it or not.

Hardly seemed typical. Does she (possibly) have any mystical backstory? At the very least it should be achieved only through specialized discipline mindtraining. Has she ever conceeded that Xavier was her superior at mental powers - he never was shown so inclined (or capable). And lists of precident probably should factor in essentially non-telepaths Longshot and Silver Surfer.

    Carol is "Ambassador of Earth"??!! Says who? Were Ernst & Young asked?

      Well, she is running SWORD these days.

Whaaaa?! When was this revealed? What happened to Brand? Carol needs more xeno-dedicated astro-time to get my vote for Director or Ambassador. Being a member of the Ultimates seems like it could be a conflict of interest too.

    Pros and cons of geosynchronous orbit for the team's DISGUSTINGLY named Alpha Flight station HQ?

      This issue says geosynchronous when it should be geostationary. Geosynchronous orbits do NOT remain over the same position; they simply move in synch with the Earth's rotation. A geostationary orbit is what this issue is talking about. And it would require some fancy pseudoscience to hold a geostationary orbit over NYC. It's only possible in the real universe over the equator.

Was wondering about that. Even googled the def:
> adjective: geosynchronous;
> (of an earth satellite or its orbit) having a period of rotation synchronous with that of the earth's rotation.
but never heard of the word geostationary until your note so had to comment on it 'cuz it was bugging me. Thanks for the science fact!

    SURPRISING post-SW return [and mockingly named] as new member: PUCK from the properly named premiere team of Canada to this space station? Does he have team candidate potential? Why the H E double-hockeysticks he is considered "high-density" now?

      The Master monkeyed with his DNA and gave him superpowers. Better than that Raazer thing. And he's more puck-like.

Got the hockey connection and yeah, anything is better than Razer! (Go Leafs Go!)

    What the?! Universe-8 is broken already? Someone read the warranty!


    Well, T'Challa did create the bloody things.

Yeah, but Tony should have bought the rights to the name - what with owning the Avengers brand and all. Unless he lost that too after Incursion.

    Chavez's power upgrade showing?

      No upgrade.

Never saw her open a portal from a distance before without punching/kicking it. And she even says she never opened one anywhere near this big before.

    No. Her title and name is Ms. America Chavez.

Cheese and crackers! (As Hellcat would say.) Of course! ...hey! Just thought of the next story title for a Ms.America & Agent Coulson team up...

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