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Subj: Re: Ultimates #3: T.M.I.?!
Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 at 10:21:29 pm EST (Viewed 286 times)
Reply Subj: Ultimates #3: T.M.I.?!
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Ultimates 003

Too. Much. Information.

Can't. Stop. Processing.

One specific word/phrase/concept stimulates neural reaction/read-action/redaction but before that can be properly analyzed/appreciated/accepted there follows another. Then another. Then another.



Rehash of last issue's taming of Galactus?

His Incubator pre-Universe retcon?

Timely rebirthing of Archeopia (the reported 1st Big Meal)?

Imperial Guard involvement?

The post-SW return of Izzy Smasher?


Overconsciousness, TPA, Mind-Sight?

Oracle's see anything/anytime power showing?

Unrevealed date the Triskelion foundation was first laid?

Carol is "Ambassador of Earth"??!! Says who? Were Ernst & Young asked?

Rhodey's chances at appearing? Does he have team candidate potential?

Pros and cons of geosynchronous orbit for the team's DISGUSTINGLY named Alpha Flight station HQ?

Spectrum going the way of Living Laser's life form?

SURPRISING post-SW return [and mockingly named] as new member: PUCK from the properly named premiere team of Canada to this space station? Does he have team candidate potential? Why the H E double-hockeysticks he is considered "high-density" now?

Gladiator's intergalactic ire? (Was this HIS post-SW return?)

Two-Gun is hi-tech in the 1800's?

TIME IS BROKEN? Realization/Retrophysics/Ramifications of it?

DOOMLOCK? (A Secret Wars #9 spoiler!)



The ongoing shying away of Quinjets NOT being a cool proprietory Avengers-Only mainstay?

The FINE team dynamics?

The post-SW return of Raz Malhotra (the new Giant-Man from the old-new Ant-Man)? No trial by fire for him - apparently he does not have candidate potential even though he's likely stronger than War Machine and smarter than Judd, eh?

WEHT Hank Pym?

The revamped principles of Pym Particles?!

Chavez's power upgrade showing?

MAC as freindly macho shorthand of Ms.AmerCa?!

Those abandonded God-Machines?

Space-Time Continuum VS Neutral Zone VS thin walls at edges of galaxies VS Superflow VS White Space VS Exo-Space VS universe(s) of Negative Matter VS Negative Zone VS Universe-8?!

The return of ANTI-MAN?!

The FINE/FINE/FINE artstylings?

The layout of this 'review'? ;\)

Something else?

Here's somebody's gathered thoughts:

Here's the preview:

Support Cancer and Alzheimers Research.

Couple things, who appointed this team to fix problems? Don't they know these cosmic fixes will have repercussions? Wasn't it established in Byrne's F.F. run that Death and Galactus were somehow connected? He was Life and Death? Something to that effect?

How are they different than the Illuminati? They go and fix what they think are problems? Galactus and not to mention the other high and cosmic beings, who are above mortals, you don't think they knew how to fix Galactus? There must be a reason this has never occurred.

I would think S.W.O.R.D. would be a more natural fit than Alpha Flight.

Mr. Bojo