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    His Incubator pre-Universe retcon?

      That's not a retcon. I mean, technically, sure, but it's been part of his origin for 30 years at this point.

    Did Galactus die that way in Universe-7? It seemed like Adam was talking about the end of U-6 and not U-7. What issue was it changed to an Incubator from him flying his ship into The Big Crunch? Was it the Byrne one-shot. And was 616-U7 Big G's last seen death before Incursion clear? Did Hickman write it? Or was that just the alt-reality one? Whatever happened to that one the the Eternals unearthed under Robinson? Does that mean Blue Marvel is cosmic aware/smart to know intracasies of multiple Universes now (either from reading wimpy Big G's mind or by the upcoming revelation in SW#9)?

Since the beginning of this series, it's seemed that U8 began suddenly in mid-stream, because Blue Marvel was talking about how things have recently changed from how they were just several months ago. U8 didn't start how other universes have, with a Big Crunch/Bang. U8 is only several months old, not billions of years.

Anyway... In this case, the Chicken most definitely came first. Galactus being the Chicken.

the incubator came later, after he was found alive by the Watcher (ecce, not Uatu). We learned of this waaay back circa Thor v1 #160s.

    Overconsciousness, TPA, Mind-Sight?
    Oracle's see anything/anytime power showing?

      Typical psychometry. It's always my opinion that all telepaths should be capable, whether they use it or not.

    Hardly seemed typical.

Seems precisely typical. Just on a pretty grand scale.

    Does she (possibly) have any mystical backstory?

We don't really know her backstory, except that her entire race has telepathic powers, and she's the most qualified of her race, with years, decades, and perhaps centuries of training simply being a part of the Imperial Guard.

    At the very least it should be achieved only through specialized discipline mindtraining.

I'm not discounting training.

    Has she ever conceeded that Xavier was her superior at mental powers - he never was shown so inclined (or capable).

Power has little to do with ability.
And like I said, whether a person uses it or not, they should be capable.


      Well, she is running SWORD these days.

    Whaaaa?! When was this revealed?

The soon-to-be-released Captain Marvel #1.

    What happened to Brand?

Just replaced. She is still hanging around, but like demoted. Carol is now her superior.

    Carol needs more xeno-dedicated astro-time to get my vote for Director or Ambassador.

I think she's the perfect choice and has more time served than any other popular character. The only major heroes that would be more about space than her are Nova and Quasar, and well... yeah. She certainly has more time that we've seen than Brand ever seemed to have. This job/role is the like the perfect place for her. I'm surprised it took this long for Marvel to see it.

    Being a member of the Ultimates seems like it could be a conflict of interest too.

I see no conflict. Ultimates isn't your typical superhero team. The only thing I can see conflicting is time. Let's hope there's not an incident while she's away being a hero.


      Well, T'Challa did create the bloody things.

    Yeah, but Tony should have bought the rights to the name - what with owning the Avengers brand and all. Unless he lost that too after Incursion.

Being a smart man, who is highly protective of his property and interests, I'm sure T'Challa protected his designs long before the Avengers even knew you could quin a jet.

It would probably be more like how McDonnell Douglas creates the F-18 fighter jet for not just the US, but also Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, and Malaysia, and has offered to make it for a half-dozen other countries, as well (but they declined).

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