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Subj: Re: Ultron question
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      I did some digging....


        Ultron gets Jim Hammond's body from the Mad Thinker but realizes he is not up to the task of updating Hammond's body. Ultron realizes he needs Hammond's creator to update him and kidnaps Phineas Horton. When the Vision wakes up he has Jim's mind (Horton refused to delete it) and Vision attacks Ultron. Ultron defeats Vision and deletes the Jim Hammond personality and uses the Avengers memory tape he found to give Vision a blank personality.

      It’s interesting that Byrne ended up retconning this in Vision Quest.

One of my first comics ever was the one where Mockingbird shows Wanda's Vision's strewn out body in West Coast Avengers. That was literally my introduction to the character...the issue where we saw him disassembled. So I never had a lot of affection for Vision like everyone else. I kind of saw him as a toaster/dildo and found it creepy that Wanda had sex with him. So while everyone else hated Byrne's run on West Coast Avengers I was right there agreeing with him and enjoying it. Hell yeah dismantle Vision, get rid of those evil witchcraft babies and of course Wanda's crazier than an outhouse rat.

    A pity as it would perhaps have been interesting if when Simon's engrams were wiped from Vizh that Jim became the dominant personality and we didn’t have the plot with the original Human Torch restored.

    Mind you, I can sort of see where Byrne was coming from as I was likewise never that happy with the revelation that Vision was the original Torch. He was just too physically different, as were his powers. I would much prefer if he’d been revealed as Horton's other android, Adam II or Volton. Adam II at least had the red skin. And his ability to shift his density perhaps due to some plot my a golden age villain that had trapped Aarkus within the dormant android.

We're probably the only two people who didn't like Jim and Vision being the same person. To me making him the Vision wiped away Jim's autonomy and I really liked Jim in West Coast Avengers. And to me Byrne's idea had merit...we were told Jim's systems were just synthetic versions of human organs...the stuff Pym saw when he shrank down into Vision's systems wasn't anything like a human's organs. Vision always played up being a robot while Jim always played down being a robot. Vision is more interesting being his own thing anyways. Kurt Busiek's cop out resolution that Vision both was and wasn't Jim was worse than picking one side or the other.

    Ultron didn't know whose mind he was giving to Vision he just found the tape in Pym's possession (maybe a later retcon changed this). The procedure was never meant to give Vision Simon's memories nor did that happen.
    Which doesn’t make much sense since what did Ultron expect a memory tape to contain but another individual’s personality that might undermine his ability to control Vizh? Weak plotting IMHO! “Oh, I just found a memory tape, I’ll use that and nothing can possibly go wrong!”

I think there was something said about it creating brain pathways or something. Ultron needed a template to prevent Vision from being a drooling idiot or Jim Hammond but he intended to mold Vision from there.

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