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Subj: Re: Uncanny Avengers #4: What Boston has to be thankful for...
Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 at 08:00:16 pm EST (Viewed 173 times)
Reply Subj: Uncanny Avengers #4: What Boston has to be thankful for...
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Uncanny Avengers 004

Let's see what Boston has to be thankful for...

Thanks to Synapse
-for being such a good girl growing up that made a positive "strength of family bonds" the deciding factor that gives Boston a tomorrow.

Thanks to Quicksilver
-for saving the day! An incredible (almost ludicrous) speed showing to inject the cure to everyone in the city. He also pulled a fast one on Torch, fooling Johnny, that he has as big a 'heart' as Thing.

Thanks to Rogue
-for doing very little but weakly copying Piotr Rasputin in throwing the mutantbook Fastball Special gimmick on the whole cover emulating the splash page inside.

Thanks to Human Torch
-for doing very little but stupidly copying Piotr Rasputin willing to sacrifice himself to test the antidote of the Legacy Shredded Man Virus. The more you like the issue the more heroic his act and homage to Reed will read.

Thanks to Doctor Voodoo
-for doing very little but merely spellcasting to detect who in the city is in danger even though most would best assume EVERYONE was in danger.

Thanks to DP-armory Guy
-for insisting on teaming up with The Avengers and lending his shooting skill against PC-killable Critters. He don't need no steenkin' clearance or credibility (or name).

Thanks to M.I.T. Trio
-for their finding the solution to save the world without proper credit (or names).

Thanks to Deadpool
-for doing very little but voicing a couple good lines and later being talked out of quitting the goody two shoes team essentially to maintain his outlandishly accepted Avengers status and marketable insanity just before his big movie release.

Thanks to Old Man Rogers
-for (apparently) unilaterally appointing Cable the newest member based on zero mission debriefing; that and revealing the secret mission of the X-menUnity Squad is to get Xavier's brain back from Red Skull.

Thanks to Shredded Man
-for basically defeating himself. He ended his own threat since the Unity Squad did not even confront him. His power showing and final fate makes him a dangerous Swamp Thing Omega Level threat. Sam Smithers has got nothing on him. Rogue should stop her ineffective recruitment of flyers and put in a call for Mantis to join up for the rematch.

Thanks to Cable
-for bringing the big guns, the temporal tropes, and the boggling future vision il/logic. Not to mention his willingness to sacrifice... someone else to test a grandfather/granddaughter bond on a strategic... whim.

Thanks to Uncanny Avengers
-for Titleless Rogers, Sorceror Supreme Usedtoobee, Flighty Rogue, Team Jumping Torch, Pietro, Emily, and there's the Restrained Deadpool who is an unbelievably publically adored Avenger. Now we got Mr. Big Guns himself http://abload.de/img/uncannyavengers4--zmr7z.jpg who has always been a pain-in-the-assimilating timeline. So, thanks to Uncanny Avengers... thanks for nothing!

Support Cancer and Alzheimers Research.

Actually, I'm starting to like the book more, the least fav of the Avenger titles is still New Avengers.

Yeah it was weird how Rogers accepted Cable so easily, didn't he try to stop/kill the Avengers the last time they met?

Also like the appearance of who might possibly be the next member?

Will Gambit be a new member or is he just visiting?

Since Cable and Deadpool have a book about them will we see a cross over?

Since this is a book of Inhumans, X-Men and Avengers, I was wondering if Rogue, Human Torch, Deadpool and Cable aren't available who will Commander Rogers send into battle with Doctor Voodoo, Synapse and Quicksilver? That could be an interesting story.

Mr. Bojo

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