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Subj: Re: "Time" to talk about New Avengers #6...
Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 at 08:23:00 am EST (Viewed 235 times)
Reply Subj: "Time" to talk about New Avengers #6...
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New Avengers #6 (2016)

Huh, all that future Avengers line-up fanfare for naught... not that the story didn't live up to the story title - 'cuz it did... although not as much the New Avengers title given that only 2 of them matter this ish.

Again with the 20XX year. Huh, we find out this ish it was intentional. Readers were not meant to dwell on the actual numbers 'cuz this future team line-up/backstory (evidentally) gets wiped out and is never a mandatory concern to reference in any way again. Well, except the fact of who are (evidentally) meant to be soulmates. That is until the next writer to use this version of temporal mechanincs to wipe out history.

Here's some PBP reactions to compare if you want to...

-Perfect cover. Man, Marvel is nailin' it this week with covers.
-This suggests there will be an Eternity War and at only that time Hulkling may embrace his King Of Space status. [Not that it matters once this is over but it's fun story seed maybe.] BTW, wasn't an "Eternity War" mentioned in 2 She-Hulk volumes ago? Maybe it wa a Slott run?]
-Heh, calling them "History People".
-Heh, Tippy-Toe delivers a truly funny line!
-CapCage gives a standard Future Protocols rigamaroll. [Not that it matters once this is over but it's fun story seed maybe.]
-Heh, "You had me at Eternity War".
-It's a weird dichotomy thinking what Future Avengers is doing to save the future feels right but what Old Man Logan is doing feels like a full of baloney.
-All Hawkeye, WT, and PM get this ish is a silly ID box quip.
- There may be a Zero Day coming where Steve Rogers dies and his shield is atomized too. It's possible that Dani Cage might have some origin connection to those atoms. [Not that it matters once this is over but it's fun story seed maybe.]
-Marvel Woman is Songbird's daughter! [Not that it matters once this is over but it's fun story seed maybe.]
-Songbird has a poor showing.

-Sounds like Iron Mariner has a freaky crossbred Atlantean roots. Eww. [Not that it matters once this is over but it's fun story seed maybe.]
-Teddy talking Teddy 20XX into letting him try to save Billy first works.
-The whole Demiurge/Moridun mental debate/exorcism was very engaging and enjoyable.
-SQ makes a silly comment and is as useless/pointless as the rest of the non-lovebird New Avengers in this New Avengers book.
-Looks like he's dead. Barfed up dead. So much for MU-U6? Looks like The Maker should be P.O.-ed.
-The 2 heroes kiss... whatever.
-Avengers 20XX obviously vanish and according to CapCage will never be heard from again. But who knows. [Not that it matters once this is over but it's fun story seed maybe.]
-A new (evidentally) divergent Teddy and Billy make good on the sweet story title "Happy Ever After".

Curious example to ruminate about - this example history rewriting precident in the ANAD MU. Or, just another way to play with the Owen/Franklin Big Blue Ball. How do you think this compares to the history rewrite that just happened in the current Kang/Ahura arc in Uncanny Inhumans? Will The Ultimates even take this arc into consideration with their current quest to patch up the messed up timestream?


FYI, this week's Ultimate thread is here:

Support Cancer and Alzheimers Research.

still my least favorite of the Avenger books, I don't even count Illuminati.

Strange that such a powerful almost God like being could be killed by being thrown up. I hope they called Doctor Strange to properly dispose of the body.
He just seemed to think life was horror and there was no type to indicate he died.

Are there any indication outside of the Maker and Miles that anyone else from The Ultimate universe survived? I think there was a promotional piece of Thor's hammer from the Ultimate universe being on Earth Prime.

Mr. Bojo

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