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Subj: Re: HYDRA Avengers #10: Things get ugly...
Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 at 09:16:52 am EDT (Viewed 268 times)
Reply Subj: HYDRA Avengers #10: Things get ugly...
Posted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 at 06:03:17 pm EDT (Viewed 383 times)

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This was ugly on too many levels for my tastes. Some PBP reactions to compare if you read it?

Avengers 010 (2017)

nb. Grabber cover.

The overall art/colors turned out really bad in general.

It would have been fun to have the classic Mission Statement replaced with some HYDRA propoganda. Stevil Rogers must see that it hardly rings true as it stands.

nb. Grabber splash page. WHAT THE-->!

The formation origins of the team remain untold. AFAIK, Unfair. this is the first FULL ROSTER appearance of HYDRAvengers. Ock's overview of each member was... conceedingly servicable to story setup - keeping in mind it was his uninformed bias POv. He does gather all the status quo tidbits of each member that have been already spitted across various croosovers if you can find them. Of course, many offputting logic points elude readers on each of the members' "willing" participation on this team - from Day 1 'til whatever Day *argh* this is.

Did YOU discover any new/interesting HYDRAvenger detail (after all this time)?

Doc's attempt at clever observation that a six member team is more to his liking because of the whole Sinister Six thing (inferred 'octopus thing') was annoying from this 'genius'. If he's going to equate being in control of the team like his arm he should have wanted six arms not five since he commands his limbs. Also, if he is hinting at octopod rationalization why not an 8 or 9 member team using the above mis/logic??

> "Deadpool is a buffoonish chatterbox"
Agreed. All ish.

Okay now: "THE KISS". Were your hopes for a sliver of silver lining dashed? The couple's foreplay (aftersex?) bantering it was... creepy! Also, it kinda doesn't make sense. The anthromorphic representation of Vision's small "conscience" trapped inside himself was silly simplicity to explain it. So, somehow Stevil was able to reprogram Vizh's thought patterns with an older 1.0 version that loved Wanda? And this after all his safeguards were installed after the premiere's arc when Kang reprogrammed him? Weak. Does he know Chton is running Wanda's body? Does that turn him on? Eww. Why didn't we get a small 'spirit' of Wanda shown trapped on the astral plane or such since she surely suffers the same way? Or is she more a slave to Cthon since the other way would mean that Cthon is into making love to a synthezoid. Double eww.

nb. Appreciated detail about how the Planetary Shield must be constantly maintained! Excellent concept mission to prevent sabotage for a one-n-done storyplot. The foreign locale of Uzbekistan is neat. And yet, it also involves a forced plot device that Stevil set up the power relay stations across the globe where HYDRA did not appear to have control. Why aren't foreign nations focussing on attacking these stations to bring in the AFSS and Co.?

nb. Precident of alien skin that does not rupture shown - much to Black Ant's dismay. That could come in handy if ever revisited by any Earth scientists.

The whole fight was a messy visual. The Kramer Vs Kramer gag reference went over my head. The aliens successful infiltration of Earth suddenly revealed after all this time was trope. The "willing" participation of the "heroes" already is tainting there souls but this makes it worse after Taskmaster's dastardly decision/direction to lie and add the aliens slaughter to their collective kill count; Odinson's remorse notwithstanding.

Do you find any of these Avengers worse off after this adventure? It's weird that HYDRAvengers finally get dedicated spotlight FOR ONE ISSUE ONLY because it look like next ish https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/JUL171034 is back to the real heroes - and "SECRET EMPIRE AFTERMATH!" Did YOU find anything about this tale pretty or pretty ugly?


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So like when does this annoying story end?

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