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Subj: Re: So, Did Secret Wars Effect The Origin Of Wanda (And Or Pietro.) Again, Or Are They Still Inhumans? Clarification.
Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 at 08:54:16 am EDT (Viewed 299 times)
Reply Subj: So, Did Secret Wars Effect The Origin Of Wanda (And Or Pietro.) Again, Or Are They Still Inhumans? Clarification.
Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 at 09:02:27 pm EDT (Viewed 276 times)

    Spoilers just in case. I didn't read the entirety of Rick Remender's Uncanny run (Well, not much of the second series anyway.), but I know that he retconned Magneto out of their origin. And then, I THINK that it was revealed that the High Evolutionary (Oh, no!) created them and that they were really some kind of Inhumans. That's confusing to me, but I'm wondering if the origin still stood. I know that Wanda had a series by James Robinson, and I know that she was involved in some quest to find her mother or discover her. So, did he origin get changed again? I haven't really read the series. Also, does Wanda still have any of her powers, and if so, how? During the first Jason Aaron run on Doctor Strange, magic was (For the most part.) killed off. Shouldn't that hold true for most magic users? Thanks.

They've been retconned again (I think they will always be reinvented). I think we (myself included) were jumping to the conclusion that they were going to be made Inhumans after they were revealed to not be mutants. That didn't happen as far as I know. They were revealed to be mutated by the High Evolutionary. They got retconned later into being the children of Django Maximoff's sister Natalya Maximoff a witch who also used the name Scarlet Witch.

So for those keeping track:

1. They used to be the children of Robert Frank (Whizzer) and Madeline Joyce Frank (Miss America). In this iteration Nuklon was their brother.

2. For a while they thought they were the children of Django Maximoff and his wife Marya. Django and Marya had twin children Ana and Mateo who died. Django got mixed up and thought Wanda and Pietro were his twins.

3. They were the children of Magneto and Magda. Magda came to Mount Wundagore the same night as the Franks because she was fleeing Magneto. The Frank's second baby was malformed and stillborn and Madeline died in childbirth. Magda gave birth to the twins and went into the wilderness to die. High Evolutionary tried to pass the twins off as the Franks but Robert flipped out about his dead wife and ran away. Later High Evolutionary gave the twins to Django and Marya to raise because they lived nearby and had just lost their twins. In this iteration Magneto and Magda had another child earlier named Anya...Magneto killing everyone in a Russian village after they kept him from saving her was probably why Magda went to Mount Wundagore to get away from him. Later Polaris is revealed to be his bastard daughter (thus the twin's half-sister) with Polaris's mom Suzanna. (not sure where Zaladane fits into that)

4. When the twins were de-mutanted and revealed to not be Magneto's children they were revealed to actually be Django and Marya's biological children after all. The High Evolutionary supposedly created Luminous using genetic material from the twins and she calls herself their sister. (see they keep acquiring siblings every iteration).

Of course this revelation sort of skips over the part about Django and Marya's other 2 children Ana and Mateo. Originally Django thought Wanda and Pietro were Ana and Mateo. Later they were his dead kids. So in this iteration I guess Django mixed up his sets of twins. Ana and Mateo were real, they died and later he tracked down his other set of twins Wanda and Pietro but thought they were his dead set of twins. Confusing.

5. Django and Marya Maximoff aren't their biological parents or entirely unrelated to Wanda and Pietro now Django is their maternal uncle. Django has a sister named Natalya who is from a long line of witches who used the Scarlet Witch mantle. Their father isn't mentioned but I believe Natalya's ghost briefly mentions that she knew Ulysses Bloodstone and Makkari (which made me wonder if she was connected to the Monster Hunters). I sort of assumed the father was some powerful mystic but another poster made a good point that Quicksilver could have inherited super speed from Makkari.

(and so now I guess Ana and Mateo were their first cousins not their siblings, themselves or the dead kids of some weirdo they were unrelated to)