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Subj: Re: USAvengers #10: New directions...
Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 at 08:11:56 am EDT (Viewed 250 times)
Reply Subj: USAvengers #10: New directions...
Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 at 04:01:12 pm EDT (Viewed 347 times)

    U.S.Avengers 010 (2017)

    SO GOOD! So much content and developments!

    ...Intro Sen. Krask as (curious) new liason. Did you find him good/bad?, right/wrong?, patriotic/suspicious?, brash/assertive?

Another government crook. He certainly displayed nothing but ignorance and seemed an ill fit for the job. But Berto successfully knocked him down (hopefully he doesn't get back up). Not that it matters, since I really think USAvengers is all but done.

    ...New (organic and intriguing if new natural state) direction with red Maverick.

Something bothered me: the idea of "natural Hulk." Say what, now?! Every Hulk we've ever seen is an unnatural one. Anyway, only red Hulk I ever cared about was Red She-Hulk. And I chalk that up to my nerdy strange-coloured females fetish.

    ...New (organic and believable if longterm) direction with Toni Ho.

Didn't sound like she wanted the direction. I still don't accept that AIM can be turned into a force for good, and if it is, it's not AIM. Can I take over ISIS and make it a beauty supply company?

    ...More SHIELD status (or removed status). Did he confirm the International purview is definitely out but the Americanized version will now be run by Nick Fury Jr.?!

Sounded like it. SHIELD's status always bugs me. Is it national? International?

    ...Enigma talks with Squirrel Girl and Squirrel Girl her relationship.

Don't really care.

    ...Post-Sw "Revolving Door" (but beter than no facetime cameo) by recognizable D-Listers Plunderer and Bee Ell You Ee Streak!

Great to see! Too bad it wasn't enough. I would really like this to be a recurrent thing with Plunderer-- after every event, we should see him scavenging.

    ...New (organic and possibly Legacy related) direction with DaCosta! THE BIG STORY POINT. Maybe he'll be called Sunspot again ASAP. Loved how his 'interview' went. Hate if he goes back to being a mediocre crappy character he was for a long time before Mr.Ewing. The headband regulator fixture will be a good thing for his visual character design.

Eh. I'd prefer it all be done and him get his powers back. Can't really call him Sunspot if he doesn't have his powers.

    The artwas nicely done again. And then came Smasher and the nitpicks. Sigh. Easy teleport kidnapping from White House Lawn once again. Boo. (Guess those Planetary Shields couldn't be modified for good.)

Nothing bad there. NO WALLS!

    Shi'ar Forces come to Earthlings to help with their problems. (Again? We're backwater to them.)

The world is. Individuals, not so much. And she was basically coming to family with a family situation.

    Galactic GPS implants are a thing. (It was hard enough No-Prizing when Cerebro couldn't locate a mutant on Earth for the umpteenth MIA - now there should be no excuse once this tech become commonplace with this plot device convenience.)

Nothing new really. Rachel is (should be) imprinted with such a Shi'ar GPS thing. Might actually be cool if Sam's was a tattoo, as well, but I like tatts.

    And the most contentious thing about her was the (debatable) AVENGERS STATUS she flaunts.

What's to debate? She IS an Avenger.

    Also, does her 779 Clearance Number with AFSS suggest that organization did not fold like SHIELD did?

It certainly did not fold.

    Do you like where each of the team members are heading? Or only certain ones? How would you like to see this book and/or team revamped and/or repackaged after the paths they are taking here?

Berto: repower him already and give him back his assets!
Toni: no AIM, please. Didn't like Berto leading AIM.
Maverick: don't care-- buh bye
Squirrel Girl: why isn't she dead yet?
Enigma: whatever-- their relationship is far too new for me to be attached

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