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Subj: Re: Saturday Morning Cartoons...
Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 at 08:19:11 am EDT (Viewed 199 times)
Reply Subj: Re: USAvengers #10: New directions...
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    Another government crook. He certainly displayed nothing but ignorance and seemed an ill fit for the job. But Berto successfully knocked him down (hopefully he doesn't get back up). Not that it matters, since I really think USAvengers is all but done.

It would be neat to have him in a shared scene with Vogt, Gyrich, Sharon Carter, Everett K. Ross, Raymond Sikorski, Derek Freeman, Valerie Cooper, Tbolt Ross(even if from cell via Skype), etc. discussing National Security. Are there other big name US agencies reps' names that come to mind?
OT: Did Spider-Woman have any government liasons or directors in her cartoons?

    Something bothered me: the idea of "natural Hulk." Say what, now?! Every Hulk we've ever seen is an unnatural one. Anyway, only red Hulk I ever cared about was Red She-Hulk. And I chalk that up to my nerdy strange-coloured females fetish.

Maybe she was referring to the DNA configuration and not the pigmentation? Wasn't it the (crazy) 'secondary' power reimagining with Ross that he could absorb all energies to power up. Maybe if he was completely depleted he would just be a shrivelled old man too? Was there ever an example that comes to mind? Was Banner ever weakened to human sized Hulk in any back issue?

    Didn't sound like she wanted the direction. I still don't accept that AIM can be turned into a force for good, and if it is, it's not AIM. Can I take over ISIS and make it a beauty supply company?

...or a popular TV Saturday Morning Cartoon? ;\)

Making Joanna Cameron as Andrea Thomas wasn't bad either:

    Sounded like it. SHIELD's status always bugs me. Is it national? International?



      [...Squirrel Girl...]

    Don't really care.

It was very funny when Krask challenged the validity of Squirrel Girl's cosmic-level victories.

    Great to see! Too bad it wasn't enough. I would really like this to be a recurrent thing with Plunderer-- after every event, we should see him scavenging.

That could be a neat. Give the foe a bit more respect than he's gotten over the last 51 years.

    Eh. I'd prefer it all be done and him get his powers back. Can't really call him Sunspot if he doesn't have his powers.

It's just a codename. As long as it's not Citizen V. Give that to one of Silver Sable's countrymen or maybe back to Dallas Riordan... Hey, maybe she can attend that official meeting, above, with Trask and company. ;\)

    Nothing bad there. NO WALLS!

still didn't like it. If AFSS is still operating, does that mean Shi'ar can cloak right on by them still? And if that's a given, this 'visit' from Izzy comes across as awfully shady - especially after S.E. Chitauri uninvited attacks.

    The world is. Individuals, not so much. And she was basically coming to family with a family situation.


    Nothing new really. Rachel is (should be) imprinted with such a Shi'ar GPS thing. Might actually be cool if Sam's was a tattoo, as well, but I like tatts.

Heh, Sam does not seem at all like a tattoo fan. Maaaybe Lila could've sweet talked him into one during 'the week' they were dating. \:\)

And not to neglect NBC classic Saturday mornings...

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