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Reply Subj: RATE Hawkeye I -as an Avenger- from 1 to 10
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How would YOU rate RATE Clint Barton, Hawkeye I -as an Avenger- from 1 to 10

Optional QOTM's:
1. What do you recall as your favorite Hawkeye shot and/or scene and/or issue (in any medium)?
2. Which issues can you cite that he said "I QUIT!"?
3. How much do you want Kate Bishop to relinquish the codename?
4. What is a question about Hawkeye that you would enjoy to hear AMB answers about?

Previous Ratings:
Spider-Woman I.
Shang Chi.

Hawkeye is traditionally one of my least favorite Marvel characters. I didn't like his abilities or his personality, and as someone who dislikes Roy Thomas stories, I dislike much of his history.

I do like his classic costume when Byrne or Perez draws it. I think Barry Windsor-Smith would draw it terrifically.

Recently, when he took over the Ronin identity during Dark Reign, I did kind of like that and wished he'd kept it. I also liked the Matt Fraction/David Aja series.

So, for me, that is about 2 bright spots in 50 or so years of Hawkeye stories.

I think that the USAgent beating the crap out of him in Byrne's WCA might be my favorite Hawkeye moment.