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    How much of that, especially the Wasp stuff, was bad writing?

Ah the classic conundrum...is it a bad character behaving badly or is it a good character written badly?

Granted we all have our favorites but let's also admit that a character, any character, in the right hands, can be great.

Example: Moon Knight

A character I truly could not have given two poops about, who was so bogged down in his own ever-changing continuity that even the great Bendis crashed and burned with him (at Bendis's semi and arguably the peak of Marvel popularity).

Then along comes Warren Ellis, cleans it all up, makes me give a poop again about a character who if we are being honest started off as a Batman knockoff.

Good writing trumps bad character history, while bad writing of good characters makes us all sad. Especially when you have writers and editors who have their own agenda to push (ie- I always hated charater XXXX so I will burn them, make them a joke and use them to promote the character I do like).