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What did YOU think?

Quick PBP to compare if you read...


Grabber cover.

Chronology glitches will be ANNOYING if pointed out but goin' to TRY to ignore the little stuff.

This whole issue of art was enjoyable.

Fun start with LL update. Lightning's argument for dropping the "Living" is weak (and disagreeable). He's THAT famous to be recognized in "disguised" civvies?! He says he's NOT a "full-on" Avenger - makes sense, great. BUT then later on his Identicard is working and he is confirmed to be an (arbitrarily acknowledged) RESERVE member as per the plot device. Sigh. Whatever. It IS good to see the return of another Avenger post-SW & post-SE.

Detective Dan is LL's gay friend.

Presumably all Texans see the samne flash of light in the sky like they do in NYC. Maybe the gravitational chaos between pages too?

Falcon's slipping confidence is a shame.

Non-undead no-lazereyed Redwing has better showing than many heroes this time 'round.

Global crisis is presented. Something BIG and BAD is going... HOLYCRAP the Earth (AND Moon?) is GONE! High Evolutionary would be SO EMBARRASSED how he failed to do this very thing last arc! ;\) Only Carol and her AFSS remain. And she puts out a call for alien help. HA! Good luck with that! No aliens helped against Stevil and now even the GotG aren't answering speed dial. Carol looks good without helmet but it's annoying how that necessity is casually disgarded for artistic license instead of reason.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Beast and Panther (tentatively) determine their planet has been translocated. In/convenient communication problems set up reasonable sitch why other brainiacs aren't consulted.

Avengers do what they do to help a few in the NYC chaos.

Jarvis is a FREEKIN' HERO! \:\) Poor Jarvis! \:\(

Okay, the other heroes' "instant" deployment across the globe is VERY ANNOYING trope.

Synapse helps more than a few. \:\) Voodoo just talks to her. \:\(

Torch stops tidal wave. \:\) Wasp is sent along to stop tidal wave. \:\( Rogue (with powers) and Wanda do something... ??

Remind me what is the heaviest thing we've seen Wasp carry in flight?

UGH!!!!! Occupy Avengers are back. BAH!!!!! And suddenly down to 2 members?

USAvengers still together. Huh. USA Avengers are in Europe. Huh. Toni in thick of it typing on a rock. Huh. Precident is now established for 616-Earth to solve volcanic crises easypeasy now. Huh.

Enigma is (still) Toni's gay friend.

Something from space(?) crash dives to Rome. It's probably the last page surprise guest that shows up easierpeasier in NYC?

nb. There is a GLOBAL INFORMATION NETWORK. And it is easy for T'Challa to use it to find the nomadic Captain America - who must have activated his Identicard comms?

HOLYCRAP superhumans are frozen, in place, across the world. HOLYCRAP "a" synthezoid Viv is definitely back. HOLYCRAP even the X-men got a cameo freeze frame. HOLYCRAP the so-called explanation of the GROSSLY SELECTIVE frozen ONLY COSTUMED superhumans victim list is DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB!

So finally we will see ALL the active and reserve acknowledged Avengers... HOLYCRAP what a cruel tease. Obviously, the freeze crisis and bad comms is a LAZY loophole that Marvel can later say "Oh, so-and-so IS still an Avenger with working Identicard". [sarcasm]Soooo, this 16 part series was JUST to bring back LL?[/sarcasm] Hmmph. Whatever. Same old.

Rogue's "Vulcan Spock many over few" arguement to NOT help Jarvis is laughable, kinda. That's what the team has been doing up 'til now. Picking and choosing who to save. Nadia off to help against orders - good. \:\) Beast off -to do his own thing- to help without pause - typical. \:\(

Character moments are too few and far between. Pietro is back. His claim of being "fired" was (and ye reactivated by someone else) is good characterization and burn but also reads so silly and wrong in this moment.

Last page surprise "RETURN" of VOYAGER! https://www.newsarama.com/36649-who-is-avengers-no-surrender-s-voyager-exploring-the-odds.html SURE, she's been SPOILED and TEASED before this already, all over, but still... HOLYCRAP!

Not without it's (debatable) flaws but colour me interested. Excited about this weekly format. The bonus pages were okay too.

[EDIT:] https://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?msg=ironman-2018011016085216

Support Cancer Research and Alzheimer Research.

Well, huge fan of anything Avengers, so, I'll have to read it again. I wish the Great Lakes team was here, after all they were dissolved because Hydra Cap said so.

Well, Living Lightning or Lightning is recognizable because as the "villain " said he was a member of the Rangers, so he's more known in that part. If you included Silverclaw and Espirita and perhaps made it a small Hydra op that would of been cool.

Defenders? You couldn't have shown them? If they were frozen in air,would they stay in the air until they were moved?

Doctor Strange should make another unless he was frozen.

It would be nice to see a team of Avengers that are collecting the other heroes and villains.

My thought on Falcon is it would have been better him starting out to doubt himself as Captain America and as time went on he became more confident and end of Secret Empire he realized he didn't need to be Captain America, just himself.

This is a huge event where are Nightmask, Adam and Monica?

I was wondering where is Nightshade myself. I think Nighthawk didn't get killed. Pretty stupid for a hero to get killed in a drive by, he's always thinking. Sure he had a LMD or something in his place.

I didn't get the whole Enigma not wanting her to be a hero? But its okay she's a hero? Thought we would see Smasher as part of the team.

Why was Lightning the narrator of the story?

Wondering where this is all heading and I bet that free comic book day, the story will be the direction the team takes going forward.

Wondering how many Avenger teams we'll see from this. An Avenger team up book would be nice, Avengers who have not met before or have seldom worked together before get to know the others powers and styles better.

Looking forward to the rest of the 15 part.