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How does Jarvis is get hurt? I read a review of this on YouTube and it seems that KISMET is back? If so, strange! When was the last time that she was used? I remember her being in Chris Claremont's Fantastic Four run, but that was a loooooong time ago! It sounds like there's some cool stuff in here.

No deaths yet.

Jarvis is crushed by debris while pushing a kid out of the way.

No, there's no Kismet. That's Voyager, a new retconned founding Avenger (there's a variant cover that shows a "new" Avengers #1 comic with her inserted, and she's also part of the new founders statue). They really don't look at all alike. Kismet has gold skin. Voyager does not. She just wears a gold outfit. Kismet has blonde hair. Voyager's is white. Her real name is Valerie Vector (Yay alliteration!VVVVV!), which made some theorize that she's Valeria Richards (and Vector is close to Victor, as in Von Doom).

Brevoort has suggested we look through old Handbooks for clues to her identity, but I think he lies.

City of Heroes is BACK!