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50th Anniversary would have been better though still missing members i suppose it would have been to large even as a fold out.


That´s for sure a great one! Great to see so many of our beloved Avengers together! Anyone missing? With the blue shirt, that is Amadeus Cho? The flying red woman is Madame Web? (Julia Carpenter)
What about:
Rick Jones
Vladimir the living bomb and Fury, the monster
Moira Brandon
The members from Avengers A.I.
Living Lightning
Prince of orphans
A guy named Flux??
Frogman II (seen in the spider island special?)
The Great Lakes Avengers (Squirrel Girl)
The Young Avengers
Maria Hill, Sharon Carter
Medusa and the members of A-Force?
Would be Marilla there if she wasn´t murdered? Though she´s no Avenger
Oh well there were so many in the Avengers resistence and the academy!

Avenger X and Voyager (ha!)

Though I loved the U.S.Agents Dark Avengers, I don´t count them and all the other Dark Avengers or Taskmaster or M.O.D.O.K. as Avengers