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Subj: Re: JUST READ Avengers #676: Part 2...
Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 at 04:05:06 pm EST (Viewed 336 times)
Reply Subj: JUST READ Avengers #676: Part 2...
Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 at 11:29:24 am EST (Viewed 414 times)

    JUST NOW, READ THE ISSUE (also source of banner submission)...

    Avengers 676: Part 2 of 16

    • Enjoyable art even if Rogue's hair is superpoofy.

Ridiculous to even mention it, I know, but the two female characters in this story who have white hair are Rogue and... Voyager.

    • Effectively teased mystery malady making Jarvis' recovery questionable.

So do we think Jarvis is in the hospital? Or did Wasp and Beast abscond with him to some secret lab? I'm guessing the hospital but if so, why are they in the room by themselves with no other doctors or nurses? Because the regular staff are so busy that Wasp and Beast could just walk in and take over a room with no one challenging them? So weird.

    • So, does UNAFFILIATED a grouping of Reserve (Lightning) and Inactive/Dead (Voyager)?

I'm not sure what you're asking, but Lightning and Voyager weren't on any of the other teams so they're unaffiliated. And including Jarvis at all is kind of sweet, I think.

    And after last issue's big reintro - did Miguel Santos even cameo in this meeting?!

He said, "Yeah, you're a lot better known than I am. After all, you helped start the team..."

    • Nice to get big group gathering scenes. This may be the first one of ALL published Avengers since INCURSION?! Unforgivable, Marvel.

Cool to see it.

    • So, thaaaaat's Voyager's ORIGIN.

I wouldn't use that word since we don't really know her powers (something about space/time and portals) and, whatever they are, we don't know how she got them.

Incidentally, whatever powers Voyager might have - Rogue could have them too if she absorbed them from somebody.

Obviously Voyager is a future Rogue. I mean, come on. Either a future Rogue or a future Thundra after the High Evolutionary got through with her.

    The phony flashbacks fit in seamlessly.

Yes they did. The amazing thing is that Quicksilver actually likes somebody.

Love that pic of the Vision by John Buscema. Man, do I miss them both.

    Hmm, does that mean the KOOKY QUARTET are remembered as the KOOKY QUINTET? \:\)

Undoubtedly. But I wonder how powerful Voyager is. If she's a blockbuster, then the Kooky Quintet was a very different proposition from the Kooky Quartet. Also, Captain America is diminished by this retcon. After all, this very era of the Avengers is what made him the unquestioned leader in any scenario. The "A" on his forehead could practically stand for "Avenger" first and foremost because of this very era. That effect must surely be diluted in this retconned reality.

Hmm. "A" on Cap's head. "V" on Voyager's belt. A-V-engers. I bet they were a romantic couple. Mom and Dad of the Avengers. They certainly seem to be standing pretty close to one another.

    And of course Avenger X is completely ignored here.

I have no idea who that is and maybe I don't want to know. Do I want to know?

    This is truly r emembered by all as surely as Sentry's existence was truly forgotten. (Let's hope she ain't a Legacy version of him. Already regretting mentioning it.)

I have removed your comment from the space/time continuum with my godlike Maintainer powers.

    • Cap didn't feel the need to Assemble! Or maybe he is en route with slow motorcycle? Hmm...

Or maybe he isn't sure he'd be welcomed by his ex? I'm telling you, man, Cap and Voyager were an item. But it didn't end well. She wanted to rename the team "The Vengeful" so it would match her belt, but Cap was having none of that.

    • Intro: VICTORY The Electromagnetic Man! Hmm...

An electromagnetic field gives him mastery of reality itself. Not sure I get that. But it's comic book science so why am I even questioning it?

Nevertheless, pretty much everything is an electromagnetic field ensconced in space/time so Victory and Voyager ("V" and "V") put together would indeed seem to equal some sort of totality.

    • Wow. Those 3 'leaders' do not mesh well at all. THIS team really should agree on one.

Which I think was about to happen. Voyager was in the process of taking control. Which is good if she's good and sinister if she's sinister.

    • Glimpse of some of the FROZEN heroes is better than nothing. But not by much. Also, the fact that some are gathered offers minimal exposition on that plot device crisis. Ditto the techommunitions and magicky sitch it mentioned. But the parameters of this crisis needs A LOT more exposition detail ASAP to make the story work better. NZo room this chapter for other superhumans of Earth to cameo either was a bit disappointing.

We're learning things as the Avengers learn them. Seems pretty natural and organic to me.

    • Intro: An ALL-NEW LETHAL LEGION. Hmm... They look formidable. A bunch of character bits thrown in for fun fan speculating.

    • Return of THE BLACK ORDER. Uhm, isn't someone supposed to be dead there? Or is it a Universe 8 resurrection thing going on or new version or something else? Wasn't there discontent among some of them too, after INFINITY?

All of the characters are brand new to me, even the ones who aren't actually brand new, except for the Blood Brothers, whom I know from the original Thanos epic back in the Bronze Age. Therefore I love the "Assembly" page at the end of the comic.

    • Looks like they got a Cosmic Chess Match going on. Probably the 2 Elders brothers, eh? They have an opening scuffle to give readers some showings indication of their powers.

This does seem like another instance of the type of scenario where Voyager met her demise.

    • Sometimes Falcon's power is presented supercrazy levels but here it is downplayed to more limited usefulness. Missed opp for Redwing to spotlight again to have him specifically detect the floaters. \:\( On the plus side it is the ONLY showing of any kind readers get of the good guys. Sheesh, their combined powers couldn't even detect 2 supervillains overhead!!??

Most of the good guys don't have information powers. AIM was doing its best but was a little behind the eight ball. I have to admit, though, Doctor Voodoo was nowhere near as helpful as Doctor Strange would likely have been.

More to the point, though, in my opinion, is the fact that the Avengers made the assumption they had the luxury of time to map out a strategy before an attack came. I would hope Steve Rogers would be smarter than that, but he wasn't there. Sam was there, however, and he didn't, in my opinion, employ the sort of tactical thinking he surely must have learned from Steve Rogers. The first thing they should have done was find some way to post sentries. The Human Torch and Cannonball flying around outside would have been better than nothing.

    • Trope cliffhanger. There goes another Mansion. Probably no one is worried at all with Wanda and Voodoo there to pull off a giant shield, eh? Or maybe Voyager will surprise us.

We can be sure the Avengers survived. The mansion is toast, though. Which, frankly, seems fine to me. I always loved the mansion, but still, if we're being realistic, the mansion should never have lasted weeks, let alone years. It's just a house, for crying out loud. Almost anybody who can fight the Avengers can obliterate a house.

    • Clearly this will be 16 parts at this pace. Still liked it well enough for now, though.

Totally enjoying it. This is a really fun comic.

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