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Subj: Re: Champions #16: Even An Android Can... Sneeze?!
Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 at 01:31:42 am EST (Viewed 181 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Champions #16: Even An Android Can... Sneeze?!
Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 at 01:36:34 pm EST (Viewed 212 times)

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    03 Vision sneezes??!! The mucusplot thickens. Intriguing. No guess yet. Unless he had to sacrifice some bodily issue to create Viv2.0. And didn't he tell Nadia the synthezoid would only last long enough for him to say a proper goodbye?


    -Remind me: Olympus Group is the "HQ" located out west somewhere, right? These constant casual commutes are illogical.
    -Makes sense they'd vote on Viv2.0. BUT it makes NO sense they vote no. If Viv1.0 had not come back, tell me they wouldn't have treated the copy as if it were the original? How often has Vizh been rebuilt and treated the same? Plot device. Whatever.
    -At least Cho has a love storyline internal to this series. The other 3 got nothing much.

Yeah. The HQ was, iirc, a few miles outside of Austin, TX. Agreed about the commutes, for Kamala and Miles especially. Not to mention how was Kamala also with Secret Warriors. *headache*

As for Viv 2.0, there being two of them causes a WTF, imo. Should they even trust her? She's really not Viv. Kinda horrible that Vizh would even name her Viv. But yeah, this would probably be overlooked if there were only one of them. I can understand voting no though. Should Ben Reilly automatically get Avengers status? I don't really see this as different than a clone sitch. Duplicate Riker doesn't automatically lead the Enterprise.

    -Ms. Marvel is Giant-Man + Ant-Man + Mr.Fantastic and now Flatman.
    -Miles still considers Spider-Gwen his GF? Didn't they have a bittersweet parting? 'Cuz y'know, she lives in another reality?? Now, SHE will she be nomiated for Commuter of The Year?? And what about Bombshell Baumgartner sparks?
    -SURELY, the heroes aren't laughing at him in disbelief about Earth-65 existing?! Can we No-Prize that they're just cruel teasing him?

If you're talking about her powers, Kamala has always been these.

Surely not. I'm guessing it's like the thing about having a girl in Canada. Wait... you're in Canada, right? Well, us "Americans" have a trope about a girlfriend in Canada. Often, it means fictional. Having lost your virginity to a girl in Canada often means you're still a virgin. And it can also mean you're "in the closet." Kids will make up someone in Canada so they don't have to provide proof.

    -Nova doesn't know Devil Dinosaur exists yet?? C'mon.
    -Aaand we'll never learn if Kam suggest Moon Girl before or after the Secret Warriors disbanded... if she ever mentions her resume at all. Sigh.
    -"EYAS" is a great name and let's hope Falcon Joaquin takes it!!!!!!!
    -Of course they have Ironheart's address! Her I.D. is public knowledge; not to mention The Champions HQ MUST have some respectable database.

Wasn't Sam in Monsters Unleashed with Devil Dinosaur?
Ew. No Eyas.

    12 Viv2.0 sneezes now??!! Yikes, that can't be good.

Yeah. Weird.

    19-20 Back to the battling siblings. The (only) interesting part of this issue. Look like Viv2.0 is breaking down and Viv1.0 is quite fragile. IS it going to be as simple a solution as the two of 'em will have to merge somehow?

Yikes. It's seldom good when an AI wants to please someone.

Do Androids Sneeze From Electric Pollen?

Do Androids Sneeze From Electric Pollen?
Great! So, do we count the Blade Runner as an Avenger soon? \:\)

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