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Subj: Excited to buy each week and not disappointed yet
Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 at 07:27:03 pm EST (Viewed 351 times)
Reply Subj: Avengers #677: This is not going to hurt...
Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 at 11:22:16 am EST (Viewed 476 times)

    And now to the praise... This is getting good!

It sure is!

    04 So, it was Voyager as guessed. It almost creatively had to be. She's faster than Pietro too. No new injuries. This supports the argument she really sides with "good".

Nah - she could still be sinister. It all depends on what her goal is.

    06. Ahhh. So it's Grandmaster against a mystery opponent. More guessing game fun. Grantland Rice???

I was a little disappointed at the obviousness of Grandmaster but at least the challenger is a mystery.

By the way, almost certainly unrelated but there was a Golden Age Marvel character named the Challenger. See pic attached.

    Wonder what the 5th Element is, though.

Void. Assuming these are the five Japanese elements as discussed in the famous Japanese strategy text, The Book of Five Rings.

    15. OMG!!!!!!!! A footnote! AND the bunker HQ is frikkin' canon! Cool!

Yup - I was impressed.

    Also the time delay to get there hurts the pacing toon. Both teams must be jobbing (which is a trope of first encounter battles for the heroes - whatever).

Quicksilver apparently is just really fast. He runs across water, a classic Flash trademark. The whole thing seemed Flash-y.

    -"Vision may work best as a test case. If anything goes wrong, well, you still got me as a lover." ;\)

Dream on, Voodoo. I don't begin to know how or why, but my gut tells me the greatest comic book romance of all time may be heating up again.

I skipped a lot of comments that people already responded to.

More thoughts -

This is my favorite buy each week.

I'm in love with Iron Patriot.

Rogue said "Avengers Assemble" in a quiet, calm, non-bombastic way that for some reason fascinated me.

Red Hulk starts his "hour of power" which invokes the idea of Hour Man and instead of seeming derivative it seems like an homage.

I guess Hercules lost his eye. I didn't notice it last issue.

Of course Wanda was able to pull the Vision back from wherever he was. Planets would crumble before she would fail. He's the Vision.

I don't think Quicksilver's dead. The bad guys think that but I think they're wrong. I don't think people BECOME statues. I think they're REPLACED by statues. Here's my one weird bit of evidence: the next issue blurb has the sentence, "The first Avenger falls!" (Seems to me that if Quicksilver died this issue then whoever dies next issue would be the second Avenger to fall.)

The Assembly says:

SYNAPSE: Emily Guerrero is an Inhuman with the power to "flip switches" in the biology of others to weaken or strengthen them as needed.

OK. Does she strengthen her team mates and weaken her enemies?

The Assembly says:

WASP: Janet Van Dyne joined the Unity Squad when her ex-husband, Hank Pym, returned to Earth merged with Ultron. She can shrink using Pym Particles and fly using a special flight suit.

OK. She needs a suit now?

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