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Subj: Re: Voyager membership is made clear. What about the others...
Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 at 06:00:28 pm EST (Viewed 152 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Voyager membership is made clear. What about the others...
Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 at 02:49:13 pm EST (Viewed 182 times)

> It's not really official. It's just fan-created and edited.
Fair enough. It's usually quite good with being up to date and this page was not up to its usual high standards, imo, and it was very disappointing to see considering the Voyager entry and Avenger-X entries were done near to yesterday. Felt like speaking out about it.

> Marvel.com has it's own Wiki that's more "official," but nowhere near as good.
That's comparitively true to some uncertain degree. And it also loads much slower than wikia it seems. The benefit of Marvel.com is the probability it offers closer to 100% accuracy guarantee - being written by Marvel paid writer, afaik or suspect.

> I'm quite sure they recognize it against their will. It's a holdover from Secret Empire, of course.
That's probably true. And just more post-S.E. coverage neglect by Marvel for canonoholics to stew about. Especially for Avengers fans.

> Dunno. We saw her banished in Avengers v7 #8. Janet left her behind in the microverse.

> Is it legal for them to be active? Do they care?
Broken record time: The readers should know by now. And know why writers aren't made to be on the same page about this consistency. It would be so easy to have an official "RESERVE LIST" that may or may not appear in the main book but writers can still have their field days properly putting them in Avengers related plot pitches in other books.

> The implication has always been that at some point in the future he goes back to the 19th century and dies. He is still around now. Or should be.

> Simon wasn't given probationary membership until Avengers #150-something, and he became a full member around #200.
Wasn't there some books or handbooks that argued or inferred that he was a 'provisional' or 'probationary' member for at least a day or two - between panels?

> [Mar-Vell's] status was given posthumously. Before he died, he was just a good friend... and the Rick connection.
Still don't recall him ever being granted the status posthumously IN-STORY. Haven't found it yet. The 'confirmations' in the OHOTMU shouldn't really stand alone as precidential proof in this case. Could be my fault for missing it, though, 'cuz never realized the GotG got in-story confirmation of membership until 3 decades after the fact.

> Nothing besides the [Porcupine] display, afaik.
Guess'll dig out that ish for the exact wording eventually.

> How many people really care since they split from Deadpool? \:D
It would be good to find out what became of Stingray and his mole mission aftermath. And x-51 is one of my faves who is always just an underdog character tossed from book to non-Avenger book -adding entertainment factor to the title but nearly never allowing him to achieve the supercomputer capability he should be generating.

> Coma when?
D'oh! Right. D-man mysteriously was reborn after the Retcon Incursion (to fill Marvel's LGBTQ quota).

> Back during the Initiative, when [Delroy] was on Hawaii's team.

> It's not a rumour. We've seen him, and he has an Infinity Gem. Only Jean Grey knows he's alive, I think, but something like the Wiki should reflect it.
Knew that. At least 3 other books he's been sighted cross globe too. Just feel that his update posting was lacking for not stating either death or rumor(from MU POV).

> Apoc Twins. After that, he went to space to meditate. That's where Strange woke him up.
Hmm... You're interpretting Doc's wording as waking him up from meditation.

> At the end of Children's Crusade, he was mad because Stature died and no one was going to mess with time to reverse it, so he killed Jonas.

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