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Subj: Spidey and Tony are blameless...
Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 at 10:36:43 am CST (Viewed 389 times)
Reply Subj: It's not just Millar. Tony just hasn't redeemed himself.
Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 at 05:30:14 pm CST (Viewed 387 times)

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    Why give Mark Millar that much power?

    Think about it, you've gone 12 whole years now being disgusted with Tony all because some writer wrote 7 comic books way back in 2006. Don't you want to break free of Mark Millar's story and move on?

    Question Millar's motives. It's not Tony's fault that he was demonized by a writer. You being "done" with Iron Man gives Mark a WIN, in my humble opinion.

    Now, of coarse you can turn the table on me. You can say that I have allowed writers to make me LOVE Tony Stark, rather than hate the character. Bob, Dave, Stan, and all the rest have shaped my attitude toward Tony over the years as well. So, yeah, it goes both ways.

He was involved in a ton of damnable stuff in those 7 issues.

I actually started disliking Tony with the Extremis stuff. Civil War was just the proverbial straw.

But he's in "good" company. I've been done with Peter Parker since about the same time.

Only the writers are to blame. A fictional character is not responsible for something a writer creates. How could Tony and Peter be blamed for ANYTHING when they are just paper and ink?

You are condemning something that does not exist. Fictional characters can do nothing unless a writer creates it.

What happens if a writer, just on a whim, decides to write She-Hulk making a deal with Mephisto? Do you drop her too? What if someone creates a story where every single comic book character ever created makes a deal with Mephisto. Do you then give up comics altogether?

Spider-Man and Iron Man have given you years of pleasure, whether you realize it or not. The money made from early Spider-Man comics helped build the comic book industry that you now enjoy. The money made from early Iron Man movies helped build the MCU, allowing you to enjoy future Marvel movies. Every single Marvel character ever created has helped build the company that you now enjoy.

Dropping Spidey and Iron Man because of some perceived wrong...a wrong that a WRITER created... almost seems more unjust than anything these characters were MADE to do in a fictional comic book.

But then again, how can one be unjust to something that doesn't really exist? \:\)

Just my 2 cents