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Subj: Re: Avengers #682: Game of Craps?
Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 at 05:12:28 pm EST (Viewed 200 times)
Reply Subj: Avengers #682: Game of Craps?
Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 at 11:44:03 am EST (Viewed 324 times)


    First of all, the art was likable.

Yup. Including the cover art.

    Don't much care for Red Wolf, less with his pre-SW flashbacks, and even less for gratuitous THREE PAGES showing he has bravery staring down the barrel of a gun and has a keen eye and quick reflexes to rush a generic shooter.

This is the first issue in a while that has actually felt to me like something meaningful was happening. I'm not even sure why I feel that way. Partly it's because I love Red Wolf. Especially his modern incarnation. I can't believe I'm saying this, but the 21st century version of Red Wolf is b... b... better than the Bronze Age version. (Almost choked on that. Sorry.)

So here's the thing: Red Wolf, in the flashbacks, actually resolved his situation. We had a beginning, middle, and end. This was sorely needed in the midst of this endless decompression we've been encased in like flies in amber.

Red Wolf, especially as narrator, comes across the way Shang-Chi did in the Bronze Age. You remember, right? Back when Shang-Chi was actually cool? I love the philosophical narrator motif.

    "BIG FIGHT" scene seems generic copy of last ish feels meaningless and what about the players that were on the verge of grabbing the Pyramoid? Did they simply revert to fight poses when 'calvary' arrived?

These big fight scenes are always snooze-fests. Even back in the Silver Age they were snooze-fests.

    That panel of Clint shooting at Pyramoid/Mentacle is very confusing.

Well, first, I'll mention the enjoyment I got out of Clint tricking Metal Master with a smoke arrow.

As for Mentacle -
1. Clint fires Arrow.
2. Mentacle boasts about being one step ahead of Clint because of mind-reading capability plus cool tentacles.
3. Janet Van Dyne swoops in from behind Mentacle while he's distracted and smashes his helmet and then zaps him.

I love the Wasp. Have I mentioned that? Her affinity for teamwork is almost a super power in itself.

    'Who is Voyager' subplot passed on. Sigh.

What we've gotten so far is a lot of hooey, I'm sure, so I'm not really interested in more of that. To quote the Butler, "It's all a lie!"

    Rogue's newly absorbed powers and Corvus' status TOO VAGUE.

Corvus? To quote the Chief Medical Officer, "He's dead, Jim." Although - to be honest - I'm unclear as to how exactly Rogue killed him. So maybe he's a vegetable. Maybe Rogue absorbed him so mercilessly that she left him a vegetable.

    Also, where the heck is her mobilizing destination? Is she chasing after the teleporting team that won a piece 2 issues ago??

I have absolutely no idea. I was asking myself the exact same question.

    Rogue/Lightning exchange was okay.

The Herc/Lightning/Jane-Thor bit was better, I think. Herc is finally acting like Herc! "I like that boy! He fires forth as if thrown by Zeus himself!" Perfect dialogue. But then he adds, inexplicably, "Let's see Mjolnir do THAT, eh Thunder God?" I have no idea what he means. Mjolnir can probably fly at the speed of lightning. I don't know that for a fact but I would guess it to be true. Jane-Thor merely replies, "Hmmph--"

    Herc and Rogue agreeing that 'killing' Corvus was a very good way to 'Avenge' Johnny's 'death' reads so... contrived? Circumstantial? Not sure the questionable adjective to use.


    The sentiment is obvious that they don't regret the eye for an eye payback but to paint it as a best case Avenger Scenario without any analysis just feels... wrong in this 'game'.

To me it's a great character moment for Rogue. As for Hercules, of course he believes in avenging lethally. Nothing could be more Greek. Jane-Thor's personality, on the other hand, is unclear to me. I might have expected her mortal persona to be the hand-wringing type with regard to lethal vengeance. Yet she seems to have an Asgardian persona overlaid on top of the mortal one. Nothing could be more Norse than lethal vengeance. Lightning is surely ucomfortable with the killing of Corvus, though he says nothing.

But Rogue! She interests me. She seems to be ruled by her passions and entirely at peace with that. The path she's walking is partly in Sith territory. As for the Corvus influence - Note that we never see her put down the glaive.

    Once more writer tries to evoke awe from reader with methods of quick transportation. Here is Voyager vs Lightning vs Mjolnir but offers absolutely zero detail or context. Bah.

Yes. Constantly the overriding concern is how to get from point A to point B. Could this be some sort of symbolism?

    Nadia's brilliant diagnosis of Jarvis of accumulated micro energies and trace alien elements seems overturned and now we see a single type quantum pathogens infection. And on top of that, her unique shrinking power isn't even specifically utilized in a treatment. Contrary to my previous gripe for more details - these specifics around Jarvis' disease and Nadia conveniently fighting off the same disease feel like overload and unconvincingly connected to Grandmaster's master plan. Jarvis flatlining to the verge of death again feels boring copy of before.

Like flies in amber, encased.

    Hawkeye is STILL fighting Mentacle 1/2way the issue?? Huh. Wasp scoring a hit on Mentacle was okay. Oh wow, Hawkeye loses?? Falcon scoring a hit on Mentacle WOULD HAVE been okay if it wasn't just a copy move of Wasp... let's see how long ago was that...

No, that isn't Mentacle. It's Metal Master.

    Is Wonder Man's ionic grip being bladeproof a showing? Whatever. Well, it looks like he SOMEHOW won that fight BETWEEN PANELS. Sigh. -based on the fact he is rescuing Berot from fighting stupidly.... Waaaaait.. Nope. Reset to the "BIG FIGHT" feels like lame copy of set up at beginning.Waaaaait.. Nope. It looks like BETWEEN PANELS -again- the Avengers SOMEHOW win -based on those Legion headshot panels.

The Avengers don't win the fight. What the artist was supposed to be depicting in the faces of the bad guys was unwavering determination to reach the Pyramoid. This is what Red Wolf sees. The bad guys aren't afraid to claim the prize. They know they won't die. Red Wolf reads this in their body language and facial expressions.

    Hawkeye/Red Wolf dynamic is okay.

Loved it. Had no prior experience with it. Hope they stay brothers in spirit forever. It suits both of them very well.

    For everyone to see that never read Occupy Avengers and are not concerned with that series danglers. Not me - on both counts. On the one hand it's a good moment for NOT FROZEN Red Wolf on the other hand

No idea why these two aren't frozen. I think Gamesmaster decided arbitrarily to unfreeze them. He's a sneaky bugger.

    why the heck, does he get to score a win out of the blue in this book about Avengers that get bupkiss character moments here?? Boo. Hawkeye gets some good spotlight too.

The characters with no powers (or hardly any powers) almost always get some cool victory. It's a comic book tradition.

    Grandmaster and Challenger get a page to update the readers on the game but generally just confuse the issue more.

Here's the part that made me happy. It finally dawned on me that the game ends when the fifth pyramoid is claimed! We're almost done with this portion of the weekly series! Hurray!

    AND FINALLY, the rage of the Epilogue feels palpable but not for the intended reason. It is because it's EXACT COPY of every epilogue of NO SURRENDER so far! Emergence of The Hulk. THIS TIME they use up THREE pages to do it! Phooey to that!! Their 'excuse' might be they reveal it to be Dr.Rober Bruce Banner as The Hulk - whatever weight that 'reveal' has on readers. Not much IMO.

Don't even get me started.

Writers: You'll never guess who's coming.

Readers: It's the Hulk!

Writers: Never ever guess.

Readers: Hulk!

Writers: Couldn't possibly guess.

Readers: Hulkity-Hulk-Hulk!

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