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Subj: Re: To what extent do you think of these characters as Avengers?
Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 at 07:37:24 am EST (Viewed 295 times)
Reply Subj: Re: To what extent do you think of these characters as Avengers?
Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 at 04:13:47 pm EST (Viewed 317 times)



        The idea of Medusa as an Avenger is ludicrous. Her first loyalty will always be to Black Bolt, her second to Attilan, and her third to her cousins. The Avengers will always at best be a distant fourth.

      Maybe Attilan first, Black Bolt second (she sort of showed this post-Infinity).

    You're right. I don't know what I was thinking. Yes, Attilan is first.


      But I don't think that means much. I'm pretty sure Cap's first loyalty is to the United States. Think about it: if the Avengers decided to pull an Authority? Cap's taking them out, or dying trying.

    Here's the difference: The interests of Attilan could differ radically from those of the human race.

Barring really bad writers, it shouldn't. What affects one affects the other. And before you bring up Terrigen Clouds, once upon a time writers remembered that Terrigen was hazardous to Inhumans, as well. It wasn't to be distributed to everyone for health reasons.

    Cap's first loyalty is to the human race. Sure, he has an "A" on his forehead, but that doesn't mean he'd choose the USA over humanity. He definitely would not. Medusa would choose Attilan over humanity.

Heavy cross to bear. Avengers shouldn't really be a "humanity first" group or even an "America first" group. Are they EARTH'S mightiest or not? To be blunt, Inhumans are just a subset of humanity, anything else is politicizing. Same goes for Atlanteans.


      I think you really meant "duty" not "loyalty." I think heads of state have other things to concern themselves so shouldn't try to be heroes, except to direct threats against their nations.

    That's a reasonable restatement of my thesis. "Loyalty" is to the heart what "duty" is to the head.

    Thing is, Atlantis has attacked humanity. I don't recall if the Inhumans ever attacked humanity but I know they wouldn't flinch from it if their own interests were best served by doing so.

Inhumans declared war against the US. All of this is politics

    Wakanda hasn't attacked humanity nor even the United States. If that situation ever changed, the Panther's membership in the Avengers would immediately come into question.

They came very close to declaring war against the US once or twice.

And this is why, imo, whenever jerks from the US government start buzzing around the Avengers Mansion, their buttocks need to be kicked into the Hudson. Avengers should be above this... or rather, outside of this, with no fealty to any state or organization (not even the UN). Just another reason their HQ should be off-shore.

    Here's another wrinkle. If the USA attacked humanity, Cap would fight against the USA. If Asgard attacked humanity, Thor would fight against Asgard. Neither man would find it easy to take such a stand, but both men would. Medusa wouldn't. If Attilan attacked humanity, Medusa would probably be their war chief.

The USA does attack humanity (mutants are humans). Cap generally turns a blind eye.

What if humanity attacked the USA? Cap's defending his nation.

What if humanity attacked Asgard? Thor's probably defending his planetoid dimension thingy.

It's more of a defense thing, nothing else. Medusa already has a long history of defending the world against Attilan, culminating with the destruction of the Terrigen Cloud. She's the one who did it... it just took her a while.

Namor, too, has a long history of defending the surface against his people. HA! "His people!" He's half surface-dweller.

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