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Subj: Re: AVENGERS #10 (aka #700): Say what now?
Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 at 08:33:53 pm EST (Viewed 359 times)
Reply Subj: AVENGERS #10 (aka #700): Say what now?
Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 at 01:33:28 pm EST (Viewed 607 times)

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Avengers 010

Ten Contentious Elements (in sequential order):
1 The ongoing dual number is ridiculous.
2 Carol looks crappy on the cover.
3 Title characters always have continuity issues when appearing in other books is always a challenge to some readers at some times, but the current chronology with other several characters in this tale is offputtingly unclear and/or inorganic.
4 Characterization with Thor is embarrassing!
5 It was such a shamefully cheap gimmick tease (albeit relief) how Stingray was revealed to be NOT DEAD afterall - maybe a bit of a backpedal too?
6 Gorilla Man as Jarvis 2.0 is such a SLAP IN THE FACE to Edwin.
7 Copying codenames of established heroes is annoying at times and now they're copying NEWBIE characters? Red Widow is concurrent with Red Widow. Sheesh (albeit a cool intro).
8 Odin endless session with GR-Reyes was just awkward bonding for some reason.
9 Wasp Van Dyne is Agent of Whatnow? Squadron Supreme of the USWhatnow? Starbrand's forshadowing is Whatnow? Blade's immenent return from Whatnow?
10 Phoenix-Wolverine - nuff said.

Other than that, this was an EXCITING read! There were AWESOME artists/colorists in each of the stories (seemlessly interwoven)! It was content PACKED! Definitely WORTHY of the 'Special(Sized)' branding for a change! Other bullets to comment on:
• Can we assume all those bones in the cabin are human.
• Last we heard Black Widow dismantled the Red Room, right? This Red Widow must be from a new Red Room ruling body, eh?
• Darkstar: Yay.
• Bukharin keeps his C.D. armor parked outside?
• Defenders of the Deep are all officially named! And all open for discussion. Some intriguing new members. And welcome back, Andromeda!
• No details on Newell's health status besides 'not dead' felt a bit wanting. Did Tiger Shark at least THINK he was dead or not?
• Cap noting a teleport station was a NICE DETAIL.
• Do we assume Agents of AXIS is active or not with Hale working here?
• At least internal to THIS BOOK, it really feels like 'Once an Avenger Always an Avenger' is no longer the case OFFICIALLY. Evidence: Wasp, Blade, Ross' announcement, severed ties, etc...
• Tony trying to posthumously impress his dad read odd. Making tech to outrace Hellmobile is open for debate.
• All Helicarriers sunk in ocean? When? Except for Korea's, Deadpool's, etc...
• Uhhh, did Thor just bat an object to the sun???!!!
• Follow up on Shulkie's meditation is neat.
• Namor has mellowed since last issue. Now he is just trying to reestablish him as a monumental asshat with his unbridled new team. MORE exposition is definitely needed. It's clear he won't be in Xmen Red for awhile since this happens after the Cassandra Nova arc.
• Orka's height was madly inconsistent here.
• Does anybody have a Handbook scan of all the Slavic Gods?
• Arghh! Now, Vanguard is copying Vanguard! Whatnow? *russian swearword* Poor Nikolai. "Red Guardian" can't be NOT P.C. since we have "Red Widow".
• Pretty standard BIG FIGHT showing with twist of a 3rd team brought in. Still it was pretty engaging to see who battled who.
• Hyrdopolis. Is that new?
• Coulson is back. AND ALIVE! Whatnow?! Good for him (and Deadpool).[EDIT: Plus he's made an AMB banner submission.] And look who he's brought along! Well, that's one way to stay out of prison - work for the US government...

What else was there to discuss.


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1. I thought Ross was in jail, wonder when he got out?

2. Does the writer know that Ross was an Avenger as Red Hulk?

3. I'm sure we'll find out why the Squadron Supreme of America is part of this storyline. I'm guessing we'll get a limited series soon.

4. Same with the Winter Guard.

5. Why wasn't Carol part of the meeting with Cap and Ross?

6. Agents of Wakanda are not Avengers? They are part of Black Panther's special group?

7. I thought we would see something regarding the upcoming Avengers limited series.

8. I thought Domino was going to join up? Guess Blade is replacing Doctor Strange, but I thought T'Challa wasn't going to fill the slot?

9. I thought Cap would leave the team to reform the Invaders as a task force to deal with Namor.

10. Looking forward to other new and returning members.


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