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Subj: Re: AVENGERS #10 (aka #700): Say what now?
Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 at 09:34:03 am EST (Viewed 338 times)
Reply Subj: Re: AVENGERS #10 (aka #700): Say what now?
Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 at 04:48:03 pm EST (Viewed 398 times)

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    Avengers 010

    Ten Contentious Elements (in sequential order):
    1 The ongoing dual number is ridiculous.

    2 Carol looks crappy on the cover.

She looks like Thor's firing her in a blast... and she's taken a batch of Pym Particles.

    4 Characterization with Thor is embarrassing!

That could be Aaron's career motto.

    5 It was such a shamefully cheap gimmick tease (albeit relief) how Stingray was revealed to be NOT DEAD afterall - maybe a bit of a backpedal too?

Yay! Not gonna complain. Too quick to be a backpedal, imo.

    6 Gorilla Man as Jarvis 2.0 is such a SLAP IN THE FACE to Edwin.

More of a slap to Gorilla Man. \:\-P

    7 Copying codenames of established heroes is annoying at time and now they're copying NEWBIE characters? Red Widow is concurrent with Red Widow. Sheesh (albeit a cool intro).

Surprised they wanted to abandon the previous Red Widow so soon, especially for this.

    10 Phoenix-Wolverine - nuff said.


I'm actually kinda liking the idea of Squadron Supreme of America. But some of these guys really aren't Muricans.

I think this new Red Widow will be the "evil counterpart" in the 2020 Black Widow film. May as well introduce her in comics now.

For Ava, Marvel should just go ahead and make her Black Widow "Junior" like Kate Bishop is to Hawkeye.

Heck, the new Red Widow is probably a new identity for Iron Maiden.