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Defenders 002 (OF 5) (2021)
> THE MOTHER OF GALACTUS? The Defenders find themselves in the birthplace of Galactus — but the Devourer is not the man they remember. Meet Taaia, Omnimax and more as Al Ewing and Javier Rodríguez expand the cosmos — and put Doctor Strange’s makeshift magical team in extreme jeopardy!

This may be more of an MUMB book but there is loads of new Cosmos 6 intel that "Part Time?" "Inactive?" "Ex?" Avenger Dr. Strange could end up providing The Avengers (&FF) about Galactus that would be ever so informative and preparitively helpful. Also the AMB might want heads up of the last page teaser has the appearance of big bad Moridun in Cosmos 5 - who was intoroduced in Ewing's New Avengers!

It was good to see more clarity differentiating Omnimax (the Devourer) to Galactus (the Devourer). We still need some more clarity between Galen-Galactus in current Cosmos 8 to Galen-Galactus we best know from Cosmos 7. It will be interesting to see "The Devourer" of Cosmos 5 next ish and his connection to Moridun. The men and Taaia got more spotlight than Harpy or Cloud but there's always next issue (to look forward to).

Is anyone enjoying this team so far in this mini? Do you like THE MOTHER OF GALACTUS? That misdirection twist on the "Kill Hitler as a baby?" argument was neat, eh? What do you want/expect to see with Moridun? And FYI: Previous mentions of Moridun in archives (and wikia)...


I miss Dad & Dan.

I was disappointed. Between this and Gamma Flight, I'm starting to think Marvel just puts "co-written by Al Ewing" to sell more books.

Like was mentioned below, there was very little team interaction. We got a hint from Surfer about Masked Rider, but then we lost Surfer for Taaia, whom we haven't yet been given a reason to be interested in. (And "Taaia"? Really?)

The original mission of the "team" seemed like an afterthought. I don't really understand why Taaia teamed up with the Defenders, not to mention introducing them to her infant son.

I wasn't sold on Harpy being that concerned about innocent bystanders. Like Gamma Flight, I'm just not hearing the character voices as consistent from Immortal Hulk.

Are we going to work backwards through the universes, exchanging Defenders members for replacements until we get back to the first universe and Masked Raider has some sort of confrontation or revelation about the nature of his mask? (Although it would be interesting to see if the nature of these multiverses match up with the previous multiverses as shown in Ewings' Ultimates2...)

I don't know if I'll pick up #3...