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Subj: Re: BatBooks August Sales And Comments
Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 at 03:49:44 pm CDT (Viewed 169 times)
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7 Batman #702 - 73,414 (76,398)
Expected. Return of Bruce Wayne + Big Name Creators = Big Sales.

25 Batman: Odyssey #2 - 47,675 (61,827)
Wow, I'm surprised this is selling so well.

38 Detective Comics #868 - 38,682 (40,371)
They need a revamp of Detective, clearly. I don't know what's going on in the book, and that's a problem.

47 Red Robin #15 - 34,709 (35,652)
I'd say this is good for a tertiary character.

50 Superman/Batman #75 - 34,324 (30,847)
This used to be a top selling book and they even had a quasi-anniversary issue here. Not good!

56 Batman Beyond #3 - 31,469 (31,397)
Amazing that Batman Beyond is selling so well. Is it good?

66 Batgirl #13 - 27,247 (28,011)
I'm a little bummed by this number. I think long term this doesn't bode well, but it's safe for at least another year.

81 Red Hood: Lost Days #3 - 24,701 (26,560)
Mini-series, pretty standard.

82 Gotham City Sirens #15 - 24,589 (25,315)
This is beyond tertiary, so I'm not surprised.

85 Batman: Streets of Gotham #15 - 24,171 (24,767)
Likewise to Gotham City Sirens. They don't flood the market with bat books at all.

122 Batman Confidential #47 - 14,341 (14,718)
Nope, not flooded.

164 Azrael #11 - 8,930 (9,223)
This is dead as a doornail. Which is a bummer. Azrael is a great memory from the 90s. I don't know how they can expect him to carry his own book nowdays though.

210 Batman: Brave & The Bold #20 - 6,244 (6,489)
Kid's book. Thesee seem to have different standards.


This shows what I have been saying all along.

Batman in a certain format sells comics, Grant Morrison does not.

If Batman Odyssey can sell so high just on Neal Adams's art than that really tells you that the reasons for the Batman title selling so high have squat to do with Grant Morrison.

I would say if any writer was working on the Batman title right now and his comics were part of a big story that was quickly released on hardcover it would sell just as high as Morrison's run if not higher. See Ed Brubaker's Captain America run as an example.