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    I suspect the worse thing Batman did was get Kiteman’s son killed.


    King wrote Bats very dumb in this arc. His plan is to harass a d-lister villain to catch the Joker/Riddler? What kind of plan is that for the world’s greatest detective?


    I also suspect Selina will say no. The previews after issue 32 seem to indicate Bruce is going on some sort of spiritual journey to be more than a superhero. She says no, because Bats will be too busy playing hero.

Really? Huh.

    Bruce wants to be a real boy, so he goes off. His 545 sidekicks like Bruce just the way he is. Controlling and a jerk.


    Conflict ensues. That is the way I read it.

    I could be wrong.

I miss Dad & Dan.

News just broke. Selina said yes to Bruce’s proposal. Tom King was quoted in the story I read that because Bruce is fundamentally sad character, there will be conflict. Marriage gives them a place to go, unlike Spider-man, where apparently marriage means death of interesting stories.

I predicted a “no” to the proposal. Gave reasons, but I gave myself an out, and said I could be wrong.

So take away two things from this.

1. Give yourself an out.

2. King doesn’t know Spider-man. Peter and MJ are forever. At some point you have to stop the yet another girlfriend rollercoaster. Watch some Thin Man movies to see how. Married detective can be fun to watch.

I hope they actually go through with the wedding. Clark and Lois need another couple for double date night.