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    Cut to the chase. This is a really well drawn, but ultimately poorly written issue.

You're not wrong.

    Bats is in the hospital. He gets through to remote-controlled Harley while Cats gets close enough to Ivy, saying she didn't kill five people in War of the Jokes and Riddles, so don't feel guilty. While you ponder that, I'll kick you in the face.

The flashback clarification of what 'really' went down in Batman #26 was confusing. Might have to dig it out to reread it to better understand Pam's contrived distress. (Probably not.)

    That gives Bats 15 seconds to preach the Power of LOVE to Harley, who fights through the haze and becomes herself. She goes to Ivy says, indirectly, I LUVs ya. Ivy gives up and will be taken to the Sanctuary for just needs hugs villains.

To be fair, Harley was a good choice by Bats to help fix the sitch.

    That's the whole issue. Could have been told in the kids stayed off my lawn days of old-school comic story telling.


    This issue is about LOVE. I guess now it's official Harley and Ivy just aren't friends, they're lovers. OK, no skin off my nose.

They've been preaching as much in Harley's title for some time now. Which is kinda weird (or ironic?) 'cuz posters at cbrforums mostly seem to accept that her whacky title is not really main DCU canon while Suicide Squad has her locked up for real but there was hardly a hint of her escaping that continuity to show up in Gotham. Those 2 incompatible presentations of HQ have only hurt her character and made this guest appearance less special than it should (or could?) have been.

    But let's face it, Harley and Ivy within the past few years have been portrayed as mass murderers. What's canon? Because these two should be in prison cells for 23 hours a day, given the body counts they've racked up over the years.


    This is a three-issue story arc that really could have been told in one issue. The art was great. But the story was sooo slllooowww. Talk about decompressed.


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