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Subj: Re: Detective Comics #978: Comments?
Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 at 03:52:55 pm EDT (Viewed 301 times)
Reply Subj: Detective Comics #978: Comments?
Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 at 01:44:58 pm EDT (Viewed 438 times)

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Detective Comics 978

Are you people liking this book better than it's sister BATMAN title or NOT?

Just "byrne-read" it but it seemed okay.

Detective Comics 978
> “BATMAN ETERNAL” part three! Congratulations, Batwoman—you have an entire army at your command. So how are you going to use it?

Some 0-DAY online blurbs to compare your read to...

Detective Comics #978 Storytime Norrin Radical 04/11/18(Wed)03:50:58 No.99812825 Archived▶
"Batmen Eternal" Part Three!
In which Bruce and Tim play Private EYE on the Colony...

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)04:06:23 No.99812972
>last page
Better if he stays that way honestly

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)04:09:57 No.99813003
good title page

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)04:10:10 No.99813010
>that Kate

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)04:13:02 No.99813037
They're turning Tim Drake into the '00s OMAC version of Buddy Blank? Basically New 52 Sasha Bordeaux?
At least, in the effort to make Tim not-crap, they're finally ripping off a character who isn't Dick Grayson.

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)04:41:09 No.99813269
Can they just kill off Tim. He is so useless, unlikeable and redundant.

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)08:11:28 No.99814647
>last page
... DAMN!

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)08:23:53 No.99814754
Haven't read all the issues, what's an OMAC and can Cass kick its ass?

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)08:27:10 No.99814783
OMAC > google it, it's a creation by Kirby, sort of a supersoldier thing from the future.
And no, no, she probably cannot.

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)08:28:23 No.99814791
The art of this issue was pretty, I don't know if it's because the layering of the pages, the dirty, relaxed way of inking it, or the coloring, But I liked more than usual.

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)09:11:50 No.99815350
Why does Kanes live in Castlevania?

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)09:27:01 No.99815567
Brother Eye was created transform and operate the OMACs. in case the superheroes ever tried to rule the world. weirdo guy took control of the decomisioned Brother Eye and now is ussing it to transform the foot soildiers and Tim into the OMACs.

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)09:41:59 No.99815766
I'm not a Fernandez fan, but his Kate is very nice. I don't get why she's always so shiny, though.

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)09:44:02 No.99815790
It's Cass. She can do anything!
Cass > Mary-Sue

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)10:36:18 No.99816808
Latex fetish?

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)10:42:59 No.99816929
This was honestly one of the best Batman stories I've read in a while. Can't wait for the second part

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)10:44:13 No.99816955
OMAC can duplicate superpowers.

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)10:45:39 No.99816986 I'm hoping we get to see Azrael fighting OMACs too, so we can see what the true showings. \:\)

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)10:50:17 No.99817067
I hope to see more Azrael in general, I like his character.
There has to be one book in which Cass and JPV bond again over their similiar childhood, he makes a great big brother.
I also think JPV and Cass could help Damian. Especially JPV as both are genetic engineered.

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)12:11:47 No.99818614
Ulysses is getting too meta for his own good.

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)13:30:06 No.99820053
By the original comic, OMAC could rise to any challenge so long as the connection between him and Brother Eye wasn't interrupted. He comes off as another one of those characters Kirby made to be a cartoon, but it never took off. Like Devil Dinosaur.

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)14:12:47 No.99820851
I'm not even gonna pretend to know what Tim's talking about when he figures it out.

Anonymous 04/11/18(Wed)14:28:38 No.99821171
Shakespear saves the day.

Support Cancer Research and Alzheimer Research.

Can’t say I am liking it. The plots are overly complicated at the expense of character.

Also not thrilled DC is repeating bad story ideas . The whole Brother Eye thing from the mid-aughts was a terrible story when originally done. The whole go dark thing did not work and the end result was like three continuity reboots.

Why have a reboot if you are going to recreate bad ideas. I really hate stories where Batman, or in this case his family, cause more problems than they solve. The whole “I have to work harder and be a total control freak that makes the evil destiny I want to avoid” happen.

Tynion has some ideas, but the whole first victim did not make sense. Now Tim is being written as a jerk. Steph is not Steph and how Batwoman and her evil dad can ever be good again is beyond me.

I did not like watchmen, and I do not like Detective.

But I could be wrong.

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