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Let me catch you up. Damian ignores dire warnings and gets his ass handed to him by Old Batman. Bane Kills Alfred as a warning to all other Bat family members. They have Damian and they'll do the same to him if they come to Gotham. I really hope they storm Gotham and Damian gets his head crushed.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Selina is with Bruce. Bruce says he's going back to Gotham to die a good death like Mom and Dad. Selina says not without me. Gotham's my city too. She says "You don't see me".

Now you're caught up.

What I liked. The art was good. Kudos. What I didn't like. The decompression. It took me two paragraphs to describe this story. I guess we're supposed to get a sense of like father, like son. The Wayne boys are stubborn and won't quit, whether for good or evil, I guess.

King is still not writing Selina like an actual character - someone with her own voice, her own view, her own spark of divine fire. King has said he's writing the Bruce-Selina romance to honor his wife. But now I really wonder about their marriage. It's not Bruce who doesn't see Selina, it's King. He has almost always written her as a prize to be won and not as an actual person.

He also writes Bruce like a weird child with overwhelming mommy and daddy issues, someone who is really an incredibly damaged person who is incomplete and destructive to himself and his city.

I know this is the way writers write Bruce now, but I prefer the person who is the smartest guy in the room who dresses up as a bat for strategic purposes and who is motivated to make Gotham a better place because he actually wants to help people, and not just work out parent issues as obvious as the ones Mike Meyers made fun of in the third Austin Powers movie.

But that's me. I could be wrong. But overall, an issue that stretches out three pages of stuff into an entire issue. I'm not impressed.

Thanks as always for these ongoing thorough reviews. Hopefully, more posters will take your lead on the other titles, too.

Not going to disagree with anything you said here. Got to reiterate how good the art was. Loved the Austin Powers appropriate reference. In the dark about the point about the writer's wife.

Only mildly curious about these points - but still, something else to add about the ish...

A footnote! That's a good reader (& character) friendly gesture BUT readers would probably be more happy to read HOW he got the wand? Was it's Jason Blood's (upper case) Demon? Did Z give him pointers for talking backwards or did Klarion just instal that trigger? Or at least let the readers SEE the circle which MUST have been invisble or clear liquid -OBVIOUSLY?- since Damian made a point of emphasizing the word CIRCLE?

Was this the first time we see Selina speaking (fluently?) in French? Or she just knows the lyrics? Have we ever seen her cooking an elaborate meal?

Hall of Justice security will have to be updated to prevent against unseen plot devices... or just an assumed amazing unseen showing of Damian? Seriously, Batman and Bat-Fam? Even NOW, you won't call in the JLA, Outsiders, or superhelp of any kind?

"Let his whole universe collapse because of a button."?? Say what? A reference to Watchman's Comedian in some way?

What was more shock value- the suddenly gratuitous and deliberately inciteful splash page given to Bane or the boringly undramatic quick-change closeup of the Bat and Cat on the last page.

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