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Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 at 01:50:41 pm EST
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Most of the book takes place during the final Civil War battle. We see more detail of how T'Challa opens the gate to 42. He has Pulsar to go into light form and shrink and enter his Kimoyo Card where he guides her through the modifications necessary to open the gate. During that time, Storm meets with and debates with Reed (apparently to keep him distracted) and then leaves to go join T'Challa and the rest of the resistance in their invasion of 42.

In the meantime, the Wakandan embassy is given orders to evacuate, yet a SHIELD helicopter orders them to stay put. The embassy auto-protection is activated and somehow the copters are effected, but I'm not sure how or if it is Storm who effects it (she goes to help defend the embassy).

After the battle goes to the streets, Storm and Clor face off (this went on off panel in CW #7). He tosses the hammer at her, and she easily slips it. It seems that Clor actually has no real control over the weather, but basically fires blasts and electricity from his hammer (I don't recall if this contradicts anything shown previously). Clor withstands all of Storm's lightning attacks and fires a killing blast at her, but Sue Richards blocks it with a force field. Clor buries Sue under rubble and takes off after Storm who is flying away. She then concentrates and beams an electromagnetic impulse into his brain which temporarily disrupts his electronics. He falls, yet quickly recovers and is ready to fight, but sees Hercules standing over him. Sue and Storm watch the battle between them awing at how Herc pounds on Clor.

Storm finds T'Challa and he informs her that Cap has surrendered and that they are on their own.

This issue is decent. The dialogue during the fighting seems a bit casual and sometimes jovial, so you don't really feel much intensity. It is kinda cool the way T'Challa gives instructions to Monica and Cage enabling them to win their particular fights (though I'm sure some will question Cage beating Doc Sampson) and Tony anticipating T'Challa's instructions to Monica and taking her down before she can act.

A friend convinced me to give the Black Panther a fan based on the fact that I was a HUGE fan of the first year or so of Priest's run... and I think that was a bad way to come into it.

This issue however is definitly my last with the book. I think it had so much potential and the writer wasn't skilled enough to capitalize on it. Besides the fact that the Storm vs Thor cover was a big tease designed to sucker readers to buy, you had many many other issues.

Storm is the one member of the X-Men team that Bishop felt closest to and bowed to and yet you saw no dialogue interaction between the two. Not to mention the double ended issue of Monica calling Bishop a sell-out because I'm sure Hudlin doesn't realize that Bishop isn't black.

I think I share a lot of fans view that Hudlin has no idea who Storm is. Storm sounds more like a ghetto Tyra Banks than someone who hasn't hardly shown any bit of a lighthearted side the last 30 years.

As a black reader I've genuinely gotten to the point that I'm insulted. Marvel seems to think that if they put a black writer on a book with a black character that every black comic fan will flock to it, and that it'd attract new fans. The sad reality is that it is partially true, its the same in Hollywood where you have peopel seeing black films despite knowing they'll lack quality based on the principle of black people wanting to see other black people on screen. See any Wayans film...

There are plenty of talented black writers, so Marvel should find one and let go of the BET tie-in pipe dream.. this book has lost me.

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