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Subj: Re: Black Panther #25 [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 at 10:36:06 pm EDT
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Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 at 11:03:53 am EST

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> At least his not restricting himself is a sign of not having that much of a colonized mindset or at least struggling to resist certain issues. Let's remember where and how Negritude was born----not Africa.
Well I certainly respect Priest's position, I think I may have said that already. I can imagine myself doing the same thing.
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> > > > Speaking of TALENTED Black writers, I'm glad Marvel is FINALLY giving McDuffie the props he deserves, though it is....quite a coincidence that they assign him to FF as soon as Storm and BP join. It seems as if they only even give black writers a chance when they need someone to do a "black" book for them. I hope his run lasts well after BP and Storm leave, if only to prove to Marvel that they can have a (potentially) successful book from a Black author without making him write their "jive." I'm almost hoping someone like Priest will come back on a request to do a "black" book and basically turn in a "Bamboozled"-type script that Marvel will publish as a serious book ("we hired a black writer so the book couldn't be called racist...therefore this can't be offensive! right?").
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> > > Priest has too many issues with his blackness to do something like that imo. HE won't even do a straight up "Black" book.
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> > I know he won't, which is why he apparently (according to him) has not worked for Marvel for so long - they kept pigeon-holing him and asking him to work on "Black" books exclusively. I can understand his frustration with them. Though I know it probably wouldn't happen, I think it'd be nice if one time he "Gave them what they were askin for," so to speak.
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> > Check it out: Shu and I teamed up!
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Check it out: Shu and I teamed up!

Actually, I remember Priest saying on his site that he was offered a non-black book (a white team - Priest didn't say which one)by Marvel. He also said he was offered the black firestorm (which he turned down - smartly in my opinion). So Marvel is learning slowly.

I think when the Knaufs are done he would be great for Ironman and a Cage series (if he was willing to do a "black" book).