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Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2007 at 02:28:12 pm EDT
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> > If there was going to be a director to do this film [...]
> My #1 choice would be Christopher Nolan, who directed both my favorite movie of all time (Memento) ...

I remember you bringing up this movie a while ago. I searched IMDB for the plot synopsis and it looks very interesting. I think I may check this out soon.

> and my favorite comic book movie of all time (Batman Begins)...

Although Batman Begins was my favorite Batman movie hands down and is in my Top 10 Comics Movies List, it still was not towards the top of my list. It was very good, but overall did not have a comic book feel to it. I like my comics movies to be fun first and have some sheen (great special effects, a la Matrix, in an open and bright setting to make it visually believable, a la "Spiderman 2". I know Gotham is supposed to be dark, but it just took away from the overall appeal of the movie to me.) If the movie is intelligent in its writing or screenplay, all the more better, but it has to be fun and/or incredibly action-packed for me first.

this character is so great i am having troubling thinking of a black actor with the charisma to pull it off will smith good actor lots of charisma charasima in spades actually isnt right fo the part
densel the best actor over the past 20 years is just too old

i think wesley is too old as well

i dont know any youung afro america actors that have the chops yeah they might look good in a superhero outfit but to pull off the panther???? i have doubts

be that as it may i hope they do make this movie panther is a great character and the whole world should know it