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Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2007 at 11:33:23 pm CDT
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>Good call on Capt.America! I was thinking the same thing but forgot to write it down. He would definately be investigating steve rogers death because he feels a sense of "brotherhood" with Cap. And there would certainly be lots of guest stars on this investigation because of the many hero's who respect and admire Captain America. The Falcon comes to mind as Panthers "partner" on this investigation. Both have a special relationship with Captain America. Maybe it could be a back up story in the mag that culminates in its own big crossover showdown!
I like the way you described Panther and Storms relationship.
I think for me it is important to keep the supporting characters just that: supportive. In the C.Priest run there were so many supporting players that I found them obstructing the freedom and movement of the main character that I wanted to witness/identify with. Just as Batman has many, many supporting characters, still the action hinges on him, the vital decisions are made by him (for good or ill) and the resolution is performed by him. It seems harder to make the comic "Panthercentric" with a Super Powered wife and a too many companions that go where ever he goes. I wouldnt want Panther to become a "Team" comic.
Yes, Definately have more conflicts with Iron Man! Too bad Priest had the Panther/Iron Man conflict be sort of a ruse between the both of them during the Sant Salt Marie/Frogs scenario. It would have dovetailed nicely into the "Civil War."
I just put the Fantastic Four Animated series disk on my netflix just to see the Black Panther episode. Keith David is a Great Choice to do the voice of T'challa.

I would also eliminate the retcon and try to continue from where Priest left off. I would still have Panther and Storm be married, because I don't think there is any reason why they should be split up.
> People can come up with that argument "They're only married because they're both black!" all they want to, but that mentality is illogical, because when you look out in the real world, guess what? Millions of people of the same ethnicities...marry one another! What a shocker!
> The alternative would have been for T'Challa to marry someone outside his ethnicity, and although that also happens, I bet people would have been all up in arms over THAT!
> And yes, the marriage was a bit rushed, so perhaps we could have a few back stories into their actual dating and courtship. Perhaps a few limited series about the courtship or something?
> I'd reform Nakia so that she and Okoye could become the Dora Milaje again and protect their King AND Queen. I'd also bring Zuri back, and the series would feature this team of five: Panther, Storm, Okoye, Nakia and Zuri.
> There would be an arc where Panther is called away on Avengers business, and Storm is left alone to rule Wakanda. This of course would be a chance for the White Wolf and/or Achebe to test Storm to see how effective of a ruler she is.
> In the first arc I'd have Panther investigate the "assassination" of Steve Rogers, and Panther would keep tabs on the new Captain America to see what he's all about and what he's up to. Or, maybe Panther was the one who recruited this "new" Captain America to carry on the legend of the symbol until T'Challa finds out where Steve Rogers really is.
> I'd have more confrontations between Panther and Iron Man...
> I'd have more in-depth exploration of Wakanda, its people, its factions and Panther's Techno-Jungle.
> Then I would have an event where Panther and Storm are kidnapped, which would unite the Avengers and the X-Men into finding them. I would probably have The Red Skull be responsible for the kidnapping.
> Panther would definitely still be mysterious, and Storm would serve as a counter-point to Panther's mysteriousness. She would be mystified as to his thought processes and his actions, but she would also be attracted to these traits in him because he would always keep her and the rest of the world guessing.
> Yes, Panther should be bald again, with the goatee.
> Nakia would still be in love with T'Challa, but she would know that if she overstepped her boundaries, Storm would backhand her all the way to Asgard. Over time, Okoye, Nakia and Zuri would become FIERCELY loyal to their king and queen.
> Panther and Storm would also befriend Peter Parker and Mary Jane...Peter Parker would be amazed that he is great friends with a king and queen.
> I would not introduce any heirs for the royal couple just yet...there's plenty of time for that.
> Achebe, the White Wolf, Klaw and Man-Ape (who would change his name to Silverback)would continue to be a thorn in the royal couple's side. Panther and Storm need a rogue's gallery, which would include some of Storm's current enemies (whoever they are). When you take on Storm, you automatically take on Panther (and vice versa).
> I'd have Panther AND Storm come up with contingency plans for various things in the Marvel Universe.
> Oh, and I'd also change Storm's hair color!:) She'd play around with different styles and colors, just to change things up a bit to keep her man intrigued!!!
> I would also try to get a cartoon on the air. I think someone on this board a while back suggested the title "Storm and the Black Panther" for a comic series or cartoon. I would use that title for the cartoon, and I would try to get an actual comic book artist to animate the cartoon so that it could become a moving comic book on screen. Also, maybe some episodes could have fill-in guest comic book artists to animate various episodes.
> I would love to see "The Client" made into an animated film, with Priest writing it, Mark Texiera animating it and Keith David (who voiced Panther in an episode of the Fantastic Four cartoon in the 90s) to give Panther a voice.

First of all, I would completely erase Hudlin's Black Panther universe. I would dissolve everything Hudlin did with Black Panther. I might just have it that Ross heard some crazy story from somebody about Black Panther. This story encompasses the whole Hudlin run.
Ross of course, gets upset and punches this somebody for ruining Black Panther's name and then he tells the real story.

It starts off where Priest left off. T'Challa is back in Wakanda preparing for war and trying to reconsolidate power as several factions are preparing to split off from Wakanda. Erik Killmonger is back to his old tricks and is getting ready to take over Wakanda but through political manipulations not yet war. Meanwhile T'Challa is preparing to challenge Killmonger to a duel in order to fully reclaim the title of chieftain and to quell insurrection. This time around T'Challa will beat Killmonger.

Meanwhile Everett K. Ross has been promoted to a new position and is going to meet the President of the US. When he meets the President he tells Ross that he needs Ross' help to get the vibranium from Wakanda. The vibranium is instrumental in the creation and deployment of new weapons with which to defend the US. The US military which is streched to the breaking point needs the vibranium to complete new weapons without which the US will lose several conflicts around the world. He also tells Ross that they have acquired someone to help them. He reveals this to be the Reverend Achebe.

At the same time the White Wolf who knows a little bit about what is going on is preparing a plan with which to destroy the infrastructure of the US.

The White Tiger has been training at the Wakandan Embassy for some time now, trying to figure out what to do with his life and attempting to lead a normal life when he receives a package that reveals that his father is Kibuka.

Lastly, Monica Lynne has become a famous jazz singer with her albums selling like crazy however she misses Wakanda and T'Challa.

From there on the Black Panther becomes an epic story unlike any other. Bring back Priest and company! 8\-\)

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