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Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2007 at 07:37:43 pm CDT
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Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 at 01:25:41 pm CDT

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> > What is happening in the current issues of the Black Panther occurs between FF #546 and 547.
> True, that's how it fits, but that still doesn't explain why there continue to be new BP story arcs set between those two issues. Assuming that there isn't *another* new BP/FF arc after "Gangsta Lean" ends in #36, that'll be, what, 10 issues of Black Panther sandwiched between those two FF issues? Over half of which will hit shelves after BP and Storm are no longer appearing in the regular FF book?
> It just seems like an effort to milk the FF membership for as long as possible. Perhaps, like I said before, to get a whole extra BP/FF trade paperback out of the deal. (#26-30 being one tpb, #31-36 being another.)

And, um, that's shocking to you WHY? LOL! I'm thumbing through Essential Captain America No. 3, and who do I see but long-dead Bucky! For TWO whole issues! Gee, that Stan! What he wouldn't do to SELL MAGAZINES, huh? \:\)

Hudlin is trying to keep the book alive. If I were him, that's EXACTLY the move I would have done. Although I'd like to think it'd be better written and conceived..... \:\)

Personally, even before the the whole New FF arc, I thought the series is great. It was John Romita Jr. that actually brought me to the series in the first place and I liked the story content so much that I decided to stay.

One the whole FF thing is out of the system, we'll get back to the core of the series.

I'm in the series for the long haul.