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Subj: Re: It's really quite simple.
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Reply Subj: It's really quite simple.
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> I don't know where the other writers or other artists were, but it seems like a slap in the face to other Panther creators and fans when Hudlin has all types of control over this cartoon, just because he is writing the comic book and he wants the cartoon to be only HIS vision.

Well, if you're against it of course you see it as a slap in the face. If you're for it, then it isn't a slap in the face. And if you're objective, then you'll wait to watch it and judge it then.

As for it being his vision: whose vision should he adapt? It's his call, he gets to do the story that he wants.

What story would you adapt, or would you do a new one? And whatever you do, if someone asks why it should be what you want, what would your answer be?

> Like I said before in another post, he has done a great job in getting the cartoon onto BET, BUT he should hand over the creative process to other writers, etc. instead of ALSO writing the cartoon.

Fair argument. Of course you can just as easily say that since it's his work he should "ALSO" be the one to adapt it too.

If they were adapting Priest's "Enemy of the State" I doubt you would find very many saying that Priest shouldn't be the one "ALSO" writing the cartoon.

> Instead of giving fans two interpretations of Panther, we will be treated to the SAME Panther as we are getting in the current comic, which WILL turn off Panther fans who do not like the current Panther comic, due to the writing.

Well, of course. And those who currently like it will tune in. And everyone else which this will be new to well tune in also.

You almost make it sound as though there's this huge comic book audience of Black Panther fans turning off their TVs in protest or something. There's hundreds of thousands who, again, this will be new to - and they will undoubtedly judge it then.

> And how is it logical for the cartoon to be exactly the same as the CURRENT comic book? I can understand if it was being based on a past incarnation, but a current one?

DC has had pretty good success with "New Frontier," and it's not like that's old. There's talk of doing a "Sinestro Corps War" one - you can bet that's going to be big. And Manga and anime do it all the time to great success - "Death Note" is a current example.

And I think the reason most fans didn't like, say, the Fantastic Four movie was because it took too many liberties and wasn't as close to the comic as they would have liked. I know it was the case for me.

So I think most fans want it to be as close as possible to the comic that they're adapting.

> And if sales of Hudlin's comic are low, how does it make sense for him to write a cartoon where the viewership might be low, based on the same reasons why the comic book are low?
> How is any of this logical?

Again, it's not like there's this huge comic book audience of Black Panther fans to begin with. And like any other superhero cartoon, more people will see this then who read the comic.

> The bottom line is, I think the cartoon needs another writer...that way the people who love Hudlin's writing on the comic can still get the comic, and those who don't like his writing can hopefully like the cartoon if it is written by someone else. But Hudlin writing the comic AND the cartoon while running BET just seems like overkill to me.

Why don't you just wait and watch it before you decide that you don't like it.

Yo, I'm Serious.

I've been reading Hudlin's Panther run ever since it started, and have not been very impressed. So what sense does it make to "be objective", knowing that there is a 99% chance that his cartoon writing for the character will be exactly the same as his comic book writing for the character?

In order for me to "be objective," Hudlin would have to write a completely different character for the cartooon, which wouldn't make much sense if he's also writing the comic. Therefore, I feel that I have a pretty good idea as to how this cartoon will be...exactly like the comic, which is poorly written. This is my main argument.

And in all fairness, I think Hudlin SHOULD let other writers write the cartoon, instead of pushing HIS version of the Panther on us. We already have his version in comic book form...we don't need the SAME THING in cartoon form, too.