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Subj: Re: Hudlin's BP: "Better than watching a really great hour-long television drama"?
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Reply Subj: Hudlin's BP: "Better than watching a really great hour-long television drama"?
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With the announcement of the BP TV series, I borrowed "Who Is the Black Panther" from the library. Looking at the back cover, I noticed something I hadn't noticed before.

There are four quotes of praise for the book. The first three are from Charles Johnson, Ziggy Marley, and Ice Cube. The fourth says the arc is a thriller that:

Ain't It Cool News has lauded as "better than watching a really great hour-long television drama."

Since AICN is not a reviewer in itself, I thought I'd try to find the original review. I had a surprising amount of trouble doing so, and it turned out that the reason was because the actual review, from "Prof. Challenger," has THIS sentence:

"This series is deadly serious though and does feel almost like I'm watching a really good hour-long drama on TV.

Changing "drama on TV" to "television drama" is unnecessary, but doesn't change the meaning. But that's just one of three changes. (Three changes in a 9-word 'quote.') Marvel also changed "really good" to "really great," and changed "almost like I'm watching" to "better than watching." (Emphasis added) The combination takes the quote from just being complimentary to offering considerably more praise.

Almost makes you wonder if the other quotes are accurate. Of course, there's no way to check those. (Ice Cube's, "Finally my favorite super hero," doesn't even speak to the story.)

Has anyone ever caught Marvel manipulating jacket quotes like this on other TPBs?

It's entirely possible that AICN supplied that qoute by paraphrasing the post that you read. They have been PROVEN to supply good reviews and quotes for money/shwag so the legitimacy of ANY quote coming from that site should be in question.