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Subj: Re: Hudlin! This is directed towards you kid...
Posted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 at 07:53:51 am EDT (Viewed 1 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Hudlin! This is directed towards you kid...
Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 at 06:18:21 pm EDT (Viewed 142 times)

> > > In all fairness, there was a whole segment in the Panther/Storm wedding issue where T'Challa brought Ororo before the Panther God for his approval.
> > >
> > > > Ok, I'm personally a fan of BP and I've never had any initial problems with Hudlins run, well that was until I realised something wrong with his version of BP. What I noticed is that Hudlin has severed any connections BP had with the panther God and by the looks of it, he doesn't even worship his deity. My question is why? I mean sure Hudlin rewritten the whole storyline of BP but what's up with cutting out his God from the story. In the past both his original and Priests run shown a real connection to BP's beliefs but Hudlin doesn't see it. Even Moonknight sticks to his beliefs but is BP meant to be too good for it or something. it has also been established that BP's God is Bastet, the ancient Egyptian goddess and she is an actual character in the marvel universe so why isnt she featured in any of BP's story arcs? Also considering BP is African (not afro-American) shouldn't his religion form a large part of his life. I know you probably don't think I know what I'm talking about but I'm Ugandan born and bred and at least in Uganda and its surrounding countries, people take their religion seriously and follow their chosen belief with a passion.
> > > >
> > > > Also I personally think its about time BP was upgraded or something. Look at all the other characters that have had upgrades: Spider-man, wolverine, sabertooth, ironman, beast. And look at the hulk he has had so many upgrades its ridiculous. I think they should go with the were-panther concept that was seen in the Avengers II and the mangaverse versions of BP.
> > > >
> > > > Anyway I just wanted to make a point.
> > > >
> > > > Stay blessed, Peace \:\)
> >
> > True but that can hardly be considered a true show of the gods abilities. also he doesn't seem as magical as he once was. it seems that BP frowns upon magic now but I was led to believe that a shaman was one of his duties as the Black Panther. maybe i'm missing something but I don't think hudlin understands what a shaman is if he thinks BP wouldn't use magic. magic and technology can go side by side as Doom has already proved so hudlin should stop trying to make BP into some superhero fun loving scientist. and get BP back to his gritty, Anything goes, I wont kill you but I'll sure as hell torture you, attitude that we already know and love. Hudlin can do so much with BP and he's letting him slip through his hands. the only time BP gets good sales is when a guest writer is writing an issue of Black Panther because they obviously get the concept that BP is a lone wolf and will do anything to protect wakanda. I'm just getting frustrated at hudlins approach to BP because he's trying to make BP fit into a world he doesn't belong. BP isn't a superhero but a king and a warrior, he should only concern himself with things to do with wakanda and that's it. He's not even >american so why does he spend so much time there.
> The Panther has never spent a lot of time conversing with the Panther god doing any of his previous series. Why would he do so now? Even in the Priest run -- which is the run many consider the "definitive" one -- T'Challa didn't spend much time communing with the Panther god.
> As to why he spends so much time in America, I guess that would depend on what you define as "so much time." He's in Wakanda for the current story arc, as well as the previous one. Namor, Thor, and other heroes of nobility routinely had and have adventures between their home realms and the United States, so why should the Panther be held to a diffent standard?

Regarding Priests run, its notable that BP did infact show a direct link to the panther God, sure he didn’t regularly contact the panther god, but it’s obvious that the god had a presence and that BP held his god in high regard. Hudlins run however retold the origins of BP but didn’t include BP’s connection to the panther god the least. The one time the God was mentioned was when the wedding ceremony was taking place and it was an unusual change of pace. The panther god wasn’t mentioned in the story before and when the god was shown there was no explanation as to what the gods connection to BP is. Also in Priests run it’s also noticeable that BP had a high knowledge of magical activities which also included Mephisto. In Priests early issues he introduced BP with having a real well rooted connection to the panther god and an understanding of the magical realms which is also the reason BP was able to overpower mephisto.
Regarding BPs activities in America. He didn’t need to be there In the first place. OK maybe the looking for a wife and the hurricane were good reasons, but apart from that there was no real reason for him to stay. I honestly don’t have a problem with BP staying in America but Hudlin can atleast try and make up a good believable reason. I mean seriously is that too much to ask?

I dunno, Maybe I’m being to harsh on his writing but Hudlin has already expressed that he has no intentions of exploring BP’s magical capabilities or BP’s connection to the panther god. The fact that BP worships a god and not an animal may make a difference in future events.

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