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Subj: BP #23: PBP... (Spoilers from 2000)
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Reply Subj: cat trap
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> in Priest's run there is a cross over, with deadpool and its impossible to find, is it really necessary to the storyline that precedes it and follows that issue. i think its bp #23 and deadpool #44. or if anyone has some reader copies that they want to get rid of let me know.

Sorry no reader copy to spare but how 'bout some scans. Couldnt afford to collect BP at the millenium. Playing catch up with random issues ATM. This was one of 'em...

  • Black Panther: Vol.2; #23
  • Cat Trap, Part 2of2: More Of That Business With The Avengers
  • 22 Pages Marvel Comics October 2000
  • Written by Christopher James Priest
  • Penciler Sal Velluto
  • Inker Robert Almond
  • Letterer Sharpefont, Paul Tutrone
  • Colorist Steve Oliff

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    Some recap details:

    Some page by page reactions...

    Now, thats a good cover! Posing, heroes, story context, and kooky looking guy in the corner! (This was my first time reading an Achebe story.)

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    NO PREV PAGE! \:D Wasnt too sure what went on before but it was easy enough to play catch up with the story as presented. Erik Killmonger as the Black Panther? The Avengers recognized but still targetted for entering Wakandan airspace? Triathlon kidnapped? Is that A FRISBEE?!! ...Granted, am really tempted to look for DP44 after seeing the solicit at the digital-priest page:
    Well, actually, DEADPOOL #44 is a fairly good BLACK PANTHER issue to catch up on previous continuity. It is part one of "Cat Trap," a 2-part crossover that concludes in BLACK PANTHER #23. The 44-page story contains, literally, everything you want to know about both series, the major characters, and the recent history.

    -Like Iron Man's word balloons and attitude.
    -nb: N'Jadaka is Lawful Chieftain of the Panther Clans and holds some commanding office. Not sure how this jibes with the OHOTMU fact that Wakanda is an absolute monarchy.
    -Achebe was a visually interesting villain.
    -Real world Muslim triva about Al-Hajj. Learning is always fun.
    -Neat to include Preyy(not sure what happened after its Jungle Action appearance).
    -Reminded that Deadpool has transporter tech too.
    -Wonder what Avengers #ing this tale occurs between.
    -Footnotes! Sweet glorious footnotes.

    -Two pages of three villains imprisoned in tubes - who knew that could be so entertaining.
    -An interesting trio. Curious to see how they were captured so easy when SHIELD cant even catch Moon Knight these days.
    -Might be funny to see Tom Cruise as Deadpool in a movie.
    -Surely Doc Octopus still doesnt own that condo these days.
    -Wonder if The Shadow Intiative will mention Constrictor has corrective lenses in his cowl.
    -"Clearly he must die." was perfectly funny but then the "Amen, brother." was the icing on the cake that was their whole 3way conversation!

    -Delroy and Deadpool talk. Just talk. ;\-\)
    -The Avengers get the okay to go looking for Triathlon.
    -Wow, didnt realize Everett Ross was so short.
    -Not sure what THE K TEAM refers too.
    -Neat to see reuse of the Techno Jungle from past stories.
    -Good artwork all issue. Maybe IM armor is a little too muscley.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    -T'Challa and Taku watch remotely as the Avengers and Panther-monger take on the HATUT ZERAZ are dressed in their Dogs Of War uniform. Too bad they didnt help out recently with the SI Skrulls.
    -nb: HATUT ZERAZ are a Wakanda tribe.
    -Didnt get the 'Regis' joke.
    -Really like the letter page name MAIL TO THE KING. There it reveals 6 Easter Eggs from BP lore in the panel with him sitting in the chair. Were they all discovered by readers?

    -DP shows up and takes on the Panther-monger.
    -nb: DP uses BIO-INHIBITOR tech to take out the jobbing Wasp.

    -T'Challa, hidden in shadows, and Delroy have heart to heart.
    -They discuss Triathlon's sorry status among the Avengers which IIRC was a big issue reflecting fandom's not taking to the character. He gets a lot of characterization here - let's see if it works into his new 3-D Man pesona.
    -"God knows I've wanted to stick my head in the oven a lot lately." was a very disturbing AND surprising sentiment of Delroy's state of mind back then. Hard to recall him hating his situation THAT much.

  • -Generic Wilson/Killmonger fight wastes time and is ended by a joke Ross makes.
    -nb: W'Kabi is Kings true regent will run Wakanada. Not sure how this jibes with the OHOTMU fact that Wakanda is an absolute monarchy.
    -State Department 'Agent' Ross is kicked out of the USA.

    -Things wrap up. Avengers leave. Panther-monger stays. T'challa suspects Malice killed Drumm(Brother Voodoo?) and sure enough she is seen in the last panel teaser.

    Followup comments from anyone welcome.

    Some Sal Velluto FYI links:

    Dane too!Blaze too!

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