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Subj: Re: Wakanda and Democracy
Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 04:09:33 pm EDT (Viewed 1 times)
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> It would be a great storyline, but also quite challenging. For one, it would assume that Democracy as seen in the west is the "Best" system for everyone; and the other hand, isn't the best sign of democracy than for people to choose How they should be governed, even if by a monarch.

this is what i was getting at. It would be quite hard to sell to an american market the idea that democracy might not be the best in all situations. its almost too deep of a subject for a comic book to touch upon.

> A system is only outdated when the people feels it doesn't fulfull its purpose, until then, Monarchy has not been outdated in Wakanda.

True, but you could argue that the Wakandan people dont really have a choice in the matter. they cant really change anything if they wanted to.

> I doubt the panther would fight against it, didn't he accept defeat when Killmonger beat him in a fair fight? A great storyline would be the U.S trying to be bring democracy in Wakanda throught Storm, adn supporting the tribes who oppose the Panther (white gorilla), and see what happens.

Man, that might come off as a slap in the face against US foriegn policy

I dont think the Panther would oppose it, but it would be interesting to get his take on it. Does he feel "guilty" about having unlimited power over his people. he obviously has their best interests in mind, but does he see his power as his hereditary "right"?

Perhaps he could try to introduce a parlement into Wakanda to share power with. Lots of story potential there. Gradual shift in power and the problems that would no doubt occur.

As I said, I cant imagine a writer touching it. Its kind of a no-win storyline. Whatever you do, someone would get angry.
> > > I've read most BP issues, and i dont remember Democracy coming up. "Modernizing" Wakanda might not be the best term, since it is commonly known as one of the most technologically, advanced societies in the Marvel Universe. Even Reed Richards has been impressed w/ the way T'Challa is running his country.
> > > Would be a great story line, I've loved the Wakanda political stories of the past (Khyber Island, the Atlantis/Lemuria/Wakanda triangle).
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> > i think it would be a great storyline too but i cant imagine any writer having the courage to do it. its an almost untouchable topic in the BP series. Either BP steps down and is no longer the hereditary king admitting that he wasnt what was best for his country. or BP fights against democracy and basically makes the unthinkable point that a total monarchy might be better than a democracy in some cases. i cant imagine any writer being good enough to pull that off.
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> > i doubt its a topic that will ever be addressed (too bad, great potential)
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> > > > has there ever been a story about an attempt to Democratize Wakanda? It would be interesting. I mean the Panther is basically a monarch, a good one apparently, but an outdated concept. it would be interesting to see if the panther would fight against it. hed be opposing democracy basically if he tried to keep himself as ruler. I mean if hes interested in modernizing his country this would be an obvious step.
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> > > > has this ever been touched upon?