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Subj: "throaty things"
Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 at 02:20:02 pm EDT
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> > ...a problem that was soooooo glaring that it really detracted from the issue, at least for me.
> >
> > Much had been made over the past three issues that T'Challa had managed to knock out ALL technology in the area, both for the Skrulls and the Wakandans. Which is why everyone has been fighting hand-to-hand throughout the story.
> >
> > So, if that's the case, just how exactly did the Black Panther manage to have working technology that caused the two Skrull infiltrators to look like T'Challa and Storm, and, likewise, make the two of them appear to be Skrulls??? Because, going by everything we've been told throughout the entire story, there was no working technology. And then, suddenly, T'Challa happens to have some super-advanced hi-tech devices that allow him to infiltrate the Skrull ship and kill the general.
> Know what youre saying. However, that didnt detract the same way for me, 'cuz took it to be the work of the Panther God lending a paw. T'Challa seemed to confirm 'divine' intervention citing the Panther God sees all(only fair since the skrull god is involved).
> What was disappointing was not seeing the how and when of the body switch and placing of the believed-to-be 'mystical', not technical, throat thingees.
> >
> > Honestly, I thought this was a good story. Unlike a lot of the other Secret War material, this actually came across as out-and-out war, a genuine invasion. Certainly I was glad to see the Panther and Ororo not sprouting such nonsense as "Oh, y'know, heroes don't kill, never ever" and all that, and instead actually using lethal force against the Skrulls. I mean, this was a war, and unfortunately in war sometimes you have to be ruthless & brutal to achieve victory.
> >
> > Anyway, the ending was shocking & powerful, in my opinion. I actually felt bad for the Skrulls, and the scene where the entire ship full of slaughtered Skrulls is sent back into space as a warning to the rest of the invasion force was actually shocking.
> Agreed! But wonder if it is a risky response revealing too much of T'Challa's hand. Wouldnt change a thing about the ending but wonder the calculated pros and cons of openly spitting in the skrull faces.
> > But it did communicate the message that in war the enemy you are facing is not actually some faceless pure evil, but actual living breathing people with their own families and lives. War is not fun. It is horrible.
> >
> > Ben H.

I love the fact that the Panther has such intelligent fans, all these are great queries and theories. It's nice to talk about our hero, instead of Hudlin bashing. My thoughts, humbly presented...

I do not believe ALL technology was wiped out for the battle. The main weapons systems of both sides where destroyed and armories blown up. Propulsion systems on the ship were disabled and there was not enough time to fix them before the battle. The ship still had its communications system, commander K'VVVR was given the choice to call for help, he just chose not to use it(one more week till retirement!). The commander also was able to talk to his priest through the in-ship communications during the final torturing scene. The "throaty things" were two, small, yet powerful, tech devices that T'Challa probably protected from the Skrull counter-attack to use later in his plan(vibranium is a good thing).

The Divinity aspect of the story is a great way to get past the special "Reed Richards designed stealth" the skulls have developed. If you follow Thor through the invasion, the skrull have been worried about God-involvement from the beginning..."They couldn't hide their souls. Not from the Panther God.(translated from skrull)" That's how T'Challa was able to find the sleeper agents among his Wakandans, and even know that the woman he sent with Ororo was a skrull, so they would get captured, get inside the ship, and close to the commander. Don't ask me how/where they hid the "throaty things" from the skrulls during capture, I can only think of one "uncomfortable" place to hide a small orb (way to take one for the team, Ororo).

"...the how and when of the body switch..." was the most troubling for me to wrap my mind around. Of course, good story-telling demands that we dont see the body switch, so we might be surprised at the end, but an ex-post-facto explanation was not given, so it's up to us for the answer. It took me a bit, but my hypothesis is: commander K'VVVR captured the king and queen, and after a quick search of their bodies, ordered them, in chains, to the interrogation room. While only under the watch of a handful of guards, the couple makes their move, overtakes the guards, switches places, and sets their plan in motion. When the priests/interrogators accept the prisoners, everything is set. The Panther and Storm are free to make thier way back to the command deck, and wait for their moment to strike.

I agree this felt like a genuine invasion, ruthless and brutal. I can see why Aaron is known for his war stories. For us to actually "feel bad" for the villians (especially commander K'VVVR and his wife), the writing must be expertly crafted. One of the first scenes we see of the Wakanda/Skrull war is a shot of skrull heads on pikes, outside the walls of the city...one of the last scenes we see, a silent, skrull warship stained red by the blood from corpses of failed skrull soldiers. Well done, Aaron/Palo!

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